Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber Of Commerce | Award winning marketing from Sheffield!

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Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber Of Commerce | Award winning marketing from Sheffield!

A fantastic evening ended with 0114 Marketing picking up a business award!

Well what a month October is shaping up to be. Not only did my new baby boy arrive on 7th October, I also turned 34 and now to almost round off the month we have just picked up our first business award at the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber Of Commerce Awards 2018!

We were nominated for the Best Marketing Campaign Of The Year award, one of 10 awards given on the night over at Magna in Rotherham. The campaign nominated was a case study for all businesses to follow; a way of building communities, bringing a brand to life, taking the online offline and the offline online.

The campaign was centred around building a service available to all the smaller businesses of the Sheffield City Region to empower them to learn, apply and implement relevant and impactful marketing. This is delivered in the form of workshops and networking events, a Facebook group and a soon to be launched online marketing platform where all of our knowledge and ongoing learning will be distributed in form of emails, a video forum and hundreds of other articles and how to guides – we can’t wait!

Marketing for the Sheffield City Region.

Our mission is clear and steadfast. We are a marketing company based in Sheffield, helping those businesses from across the Sheffield City Region grow their own business. Not every business needs, wants nor can afford a full-time marketer, but I believe that every business needs marketing. Often, the small business owner doesn’t have the specialisms required (and why should you!) to effectively market and generate interest for the operation. So these business owners reach out to what I bill as salesman marketers. These salesman marketers are not genuinely out for the wider interest of the business owner but rather only interested in selling their particular service for their own gain; be that website visits, social likes, instagram followers and so on.

There is a time and a place for each of these services of course, but until the business owner has the right education and adopts the marketing mindset to make an informed decision around which of these services are deemed necessary for business growth, the salesman marketer will pray on the business owner, often selling the silver bullet solution.

Please remember, there is no silver bullet when it comes to marketing your business!

Award winning marketing from Sheffield

The event helped justify the decision to forge ahead with our mission. The next few months are going to be very exciting for the Sheffield City Region Business as we get near the launch of the 0114 Marketing platform. I’d like to thank the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber and congratulate them on a brilliant awards event. I cannot wait to see where the journey goes for other businesses in the room, and to see the progression over the next 12 months!

For more from the Marketing blog and to see more about how we are empowering the business community of the Sheffield City Region please do check out the blog, hop on to the Facebook community or contact us to connect!

Thank you again for a great evening, we are very happy to have picked up the award!


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