Branding For Small Business

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Branding For Small Business

The importance of branding for small business – opportunity knocks!

A guest blog by ZoCreative

Compelling brand identity presents any company, size, anywhere with an immediately recognisable, distinctive professional image that positions it for success. An identity helps manage the perception of a company and differentiates it from its competitors.

A smart system conveys respect for the customer and makes it easy to understand the features and benefits. A new product design or a better environment can delight a customer and create loyalty. An effective identity encompasses such elements as a name that is easy to remember or a distinctive package design for a product.

Why is branding so important?

Whether it is the CEO of a global association communicating a new vision to the board, a first-time entrepreneur pitching to venture capital firms, or a financial advisor creating a need for investment products, everyone is selling. Non-profits, whether fundraising or soliciting new volunteers, are continually selling. Strategic brand identity works across diverse audiences and cultures to build an awareness and understanding of a company and its strengths. By making intelligence visible, effective identity seeks to clearly communicate a company’s unique value proposition.

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The role of effective branding?

The goal of public companies is to increase shareholder value. A brand, or a company’s reputation, is considered to be one of the most valuable company assets. Small companies and non-profits also need to build brand equity. Their future success is dependent on building public awareness, preserving their reputations, and upholding their value. A strong brand identity will help build brand equity through increased recognition, awareness, and customer loyalty, which in turn helps make a company more successful. Managers who seize every opportunity to communicate their company’s brand value and what the brand stands for sleep better at night. They are building a precious asset.

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My name is Zoheb Sadiq a.k.a. Zo, creative director of ZoCreative. Born and bred in Birmingham and the youngest of three sons to two wonderful parents, he is a passionate supporter of Birmingham City FC, cue the boos. I also love travel, meeting new people and hopes to inspire the world with his creativity.

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