5 Steps to getting online reviews

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5 Steps to getting online reviews

5 Steps to getting online reviews with more profit in less time…

Have you ever wondered if that person writing the ever so well titled article, promising you valuable knowledge to improve & grow your business? Have they ever actually built a business or implemented the tasks they are telling you is required to achieve these results?

My name is Tommy Lee-Zmuda, and if there is one subject I can talk about, it is getting online customer reviews and what benefits this will have for your business. I am an established business owner whose small team has attained over 400 online customer reviews making us the Sheffield City region’s most reviewed Boiler Installation company. My company does not trade on price. We trade on high value & speed of delivery. Below I’m going to outline the five steps to getting fantastic online customer reviews which will give you more profit in less time.

Reasons you should finish reading this article

Reason 1: Customers are more willing to spend extra with a company with proven history

Reason 2: If you use this review strategy you will increase your companies “Perceived Value.”

Reason 3: You will waste less time quoting for work as your conversion rate or win ratio increases

Step One: 

Choosing your customer first

Before going to market, you have to nail down which customer types you want to help. 

I cannot express enough how this has to be the first step to 5-star customer service and some shiny online reviews. You see, you have to want to serve this customer and also be happy with the reward that comes after the product/service has been supplied. I detailed this step in full in the recent Pumpkin Plan review so I will not repeat here.

Step Two: 

Get your pricing right – Trading on value not price.

To constantly do an excellent job, month in month out for most customers, you have to charge a little extra to every single customer to pay for the extra time required in delivering the 5-Star customer service. You also have to prepare for the smaller number of jobs that go slightly belly up.

I’m sure you know the situation. Something broke, something was late, its the wrong color or size, it wasn’t you, it was them, rah, rah, rah, whatever, whatever. If you are the type of business that trades on the lower end of your industry, how will you pay for that extra visit, an extra hour, an extra day or when something goes wrong? Can you afford to fix it? Send some flowers? Give them something free next time? Part of your review strategy should be aiming to Wow every single customer from the first phone call to the very end of the project. You also have to prepare for jumping all over any mistakes or situations that could lead to disgruntled customers and that dreaded negative review.

“Remember low-profit margin = no room for mistakes.”

Step Three: 

Do a good job & correct mistakes

Here’s the obvious repetition part. Do a good job and put right any mistakes. 

I’m so sorry, that sounded like I copied and pasted from some bland blog written by a marketing agency temp, who has never grown a business from the ground up. So, let’s shake that up a little.

“To build a remarkable business, you don’t have to be perfect in all aspects of the business. You have to be better than your competition in some areas but focus on how the customer feels about your service, once completed.”

Step Four: 

The ask… Before asking for the Review,

Before asking for that review you need to check that all was as expected.

In the following order, ask your customer the following.

“Is everything is as expected?” 

“Is there anything else you now need?”

Followed by the polite version of “Can you pay me now”. 

We ask if we can send the invoice at this point. We ask permission to take money from them, but only after we have “listened” to them say, yes, that was as we expected or better than that.

Now, you can ask for the online customer review.

Step Five: 

Promote your reviews to future customers

After you have collected 10-20 positive reviews online, you have to show them to all future customers. Online review sites such as Trust Pilot, Which Trusted Trader & Checkatrade are all good options that may drive some traffic your way, but nothing will do better for Local Business than Google Reviews. Quite simply, via the local maps section, its the fastest way to get a high position on Google’s first page and to have Google reviews you must have a Google My Business account which will also add weight to your website’s organic rankings.

Facebook reviews are cool if you use this platform as a tool to find new customers. However, ask yourself what it looks like to your customers that have not found you via Facebook when you refer them to an FB page rather than your website to look at your previous reviews. Hmmmm.

To look super sleek you should implement an HTML widget into your website. 

My main tool for this is Freeindex because it allows you to edit the code to fit exactly ( width & depth in pixels ) where you want it on your site. Google has one which is quite basic, but possibly worth using this first as I pointed out above, Google reviews are golden for local search. I’m also aware that Trust Pilot has a review widget, but membership of this site is steep for small business.

Once you have got the reviews on your site & social media, look to splash them where ever possible throughout your marketing. Have a sign on your van, reference them on your uniform and email communications. Do you have printed brochures? Splash your 5 Star review everywhere!

So.. One month from now. 

Congratulations. If you have managed to keep that 4.5 – 5.0 average score, you are now a review based company. Your conversion rate will increase, and your future customers “perceived value” of your service will also increase. You now charge more for your services and waste less time quoting for work. You have more time & money to improve other areas of your business & personal life. The only thing to consider is now you have that 5-star rating, you now have to maintain this level of service month in month out. You now have an ongoing commitment to deliver that 5-Star experience every single time.

My name is Tommy Lee-Zmuda 

AKA the thinker man behind Hallamshire Energy Services

The regions number one reviewed Boiler Installation Company

Rome January 2018.

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Toodle Pip!

A final word

Thank you very much to Tom for writing this brilliant, real life piece about how to build your review authority and gain ranking value from Google. This should be a habit for ever business. Start now! In a month, 3 months or a year, imagine where you will be compared to now!

This blog is a great addition to my series about the online benefits for your business of delivering exceptional customer serivce. Absorb this post and be sure to check out the articles that flow on from there. This is one of many guest blogs and expert insights for marketing for your business. This is one fine example of a Sheffield business marketing themselves effectively through learning, applying and implementing new marketing to grow a successful business.

Let me know how you get on! Share this piece and contribute your stories!