How to add a promo code to your Eventbrite event [Video]

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How to add a promo code to your Eventbrite event [Video]

How to add a promo code to an Eventbrite event page

It’s a common request isn’t it; ‘can I get my hands on a ticket before they go on sale?’ or ‘how can I get a discounted ticket for been a member of your group?’. Maybe you want to offer a free entry VIP ticket to someone who has helped you out in the past.

Whatever reason you have for it, a promotional or discounted access code on your Eventbrite event page is most likely something you will find a use for in time to come.

I’ve been asked by several people previously about how to add the discounted code for ticket sales on Eventbrite so I put together this quick video to help you.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is a brilliant business asset for those who run events. It is a user-friendly platform that lets you build and launch a ticketed event with minimum fuss and also has some great features like Facebook event integration, sales tracking and promotional and discounted codes.

Every industry should be running its own events….even yours!

No matter your industry, running live events and workshops is the best way to show you mean business, to show you are the go-to person in your industry. It is a brilliant way to showcase your talents in an environment you can control and offer your services on a one-to-many platform.

Have you ever run an event for your industry, product or service? The benefits are tangible, the results are evident. It goes back to my belief that the aim of your business must be to create an audience of potential customers without the expectation that they will buy your core product from you in the first instance.

Watch the video and let me know how you get on!

See you at the next event I hope!


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