How to create an audience of potential leads for your business

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How to create an audience of potential leads for your business

How to create an audience for your product

Joe Pulizzi, in his brilliant new book Killing Marketing (co-authored by Robert Rose) highlights the tremendous opportunities available from a shift in mindset from traditional push message marketing to an age of creating and nurturing a market we create for our own product and create an audience for the product we are selling. To look beyond just basic stats of number of likes, number of followers but rather focus on building a loyal tribe, an audience, who absorbs and engages our content on a regular basis. 

How you can expand your core offering with content creation.

Regardless of industry or sector, or indeed the current lifecycle position of your business, you must consider how you can add experiences to not only your current customer, or even your current pipeline of warm leads, but ultimately, how you can add experiences and value to the audience you wish to serve. In a digital world this can come through blog updates, e shots, webinars, cheat sheets, infographics, top 10 lists or workarounds for people who will find a use for your product or service but may not be in a buying place yet.

High-end men’s shoes: How you can create an audience for your product.

An example; if you are in the high-end men’s shoe market, you want to position yourself as the authority on the topic so you should offer advice on how best to look after your shoes, weather protection for your shoes, which shoes to wear for a formal occasion, informal occasions, and weddings. You could offer advice on matching shoes with suits and team up with a suit retailer to add a common and relevant cross-selling opportunity across platforms.

It is probable those reading your articles, signing up to your newsletters and blogs may well already own a pair of high-end men’s shoes, but it is a safe bet that when these people are wanting a new pair of formal shoes, they will resort to the business and the brand who has offered them genuine, no sales advice for their product. Notice here how you haven’t sold or pushed a sale on anyone. Your blog about shoe care positions your brand as a shoe who warrants extra care and by offering this content for free you are resonating with your audience and chosen market by adding value to their investment.

Why give all this away for free?

In the shoe example given above, a competitive market where the audience for the product is heavily social media savvy and most likely in a well-paid profession, the ‘push’ messages used through social media, in print ads and traditional media mean that the budget invested in these media will command an immediate ROI and will simply be repeated the next month, and the next month and so on.

This strategy, while possibly effective in the short term, lends itself a rinse and repeat model of marketing which, in the 21st century, simply don’t build the loyalty, the community and the tribe that business owners need today to prosper with marketing and business.

This is a huge opportunity for all business owners to grasp and run with!

For marketing to work in a time when social media is becoming more and more saturated and more expensive to reach our core audience we need to focus our efforts on building loyalty and brand advocacy.

This strategy requires an investment in time and resources but is something which needs to be committed to properly to succeed. And the beauty is, every single industry can tell a story, can build its own market and audience of potential leads. I’m not talking here about potential customers but even further up the funnel; potential leads.

The goal of creating an audience for your business

The goal of creating a dedicated audience for your product means that when you have a new product launch, an upsell, cross-sell or event that you are building that suits your audience, you will not need to go out and actively find them on expensive platforms, but rather you can dip in to your pool of potential leads and ease them down the funnel and encourage conversion.

The goal of creating an audience is so you can primarily own the conversation and not rent a crowd but rather use the platforms available in new and traditional media to capture the data and contact of your target audience.

This is a real mindset shift and one that is perfect for every small business. Small businesses are culturally more nimble and quick to change direction and focus opposed to larger businesses who are stuck in a culture of monthly campaigns and commitment to spend on certain topics.

Exercise for creating your audience.

Ask yourself this, how can I add genuine value to my target audience so that when they are ready to buy they immediately think of me?

What message do I want to share with my audience?

For many business owners you are all specialists within your industry. You must share your passion for what you do to a market you wish to speak.

This could be events, exhibitions, webinars, seminars, how-to videos, a behind the scenes story, a regular blog, a supply chain story and so on.

Choose a regular time and day to update your model and choose just one or two platforms to spread your content. Be sure to have a data capture tool on your website or post to encourage sign-ups for future publications of your chosen topic and delivery.

How will you deliver your content?






How will you share your content for people to register with your database?

Choose just one or two platforms and make sure you do a brilliant job on those two. Don’t focus on 5, 6 or 10+ platforms, you will dilute your message and speak to nobody!

Just start!

This powerful method is no magic bullet for your business. It requires a dedication of time and resource to effectively review, research and implement the strategy on your business. Your content must be genuinely valuable and new to your sector, or new to your audience. Don’t just lazily post a blog, expect it to work and when it doesn’t work, give up! This is the future of marketing and you are ahead of the curve just by reading this article.

Don’t forget that with good content for your audience, also comes several bonuses for your website organic SEO

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