Be persistent. Be consistent.

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Be persistent. Be consistent.

It took Michelangelo four years to paint the frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Imagine if he just gave up after 3 months, 6 months, or event 2 years in. Persistence and consistency paid off – and it can for you, too.

What product or service within your business and marketplace only exists because you made it happen? Do you ever take a step back and appreciate the projects that came to fruition because you made it so?

It’s easier to not do something isn’t it – but where’s the fun in that?! By creating something from nothing we have the ability to help others, we give back value and leave things in a better position than when we found them. Isn’t that everyone’s responsibility? To not do something may be easier, but aren’t we doing everyone else, and indeed ourselves a huge disservice by not seeing what is possible from those small persistent steps taken over time I so often chat about. 

Make massive the output of your work, not the necessary input.

Doing something need not be scary. I am very much the opposite of the Massive Action theory and argue that the threat of having to take massive action may indeed deter someone from starting something special in the first place. I think the results can be massive. But for me, ‘massive’ is the output, not the input.

By just starting and becoming persistent and consistent in our actions, with a clear goal in mind, then all that we do should work towards that goal.

It doesn’t need to happen immediately, indeed it most likely won’t, and that’s ok. 

What isn’t ok is to not do something because you fear massive action or you park your ideas because of the dreaded naysayers who are most likely offering their negative input from a purported position of ‘caring about you’, whereas in reality, it is most likely jealousy that they themselves haven’t taken steps to build something special from their own ideas.

Be Persistent. Be consistent. 

“The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.”

Roy T Bennet

Persistence, personal development and business growth – and how to practice it!

A famous book, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is much touted as one of the finest personal development books there are. It’s a great read, and one I can happily listen to on Audible at any time to get a kick of focus and motivation I need. One of the chapters in there is based on persistence. It is one of the keys to riches, according to the books author.

But it doesn’t sound sexy does it? It doesn’t sound as great as taking massive action or 10x’ing your efforts. But for me it is one of the main parts of the book and on reflection, is probably something I have been blessed with and learned from my years promoting events, taking things from idea to delivery and understanding that at times people just say no, or worse, they don’t respond at all. 

No is ok, it just means that person hasn’t seen the value in your idea and you may have positioned it wrong in the listeners mind. It doesn’t mean that your idea is bad – although there are some bad ideas don’t get me wrong – perhaps that no just means, not now. It is our responsibility to position the value more.

Consistency. The best friend of persistence. 

What do you want to be known for? 

I mean, really. What does your marketing message say about you, not only as the business owner but as a brand? Think about the branding and experience of some of the largest brands: McDonald’s, Apple, Starbucks. Each time you shop with them you expect a certain level of delivery. Before you shop with them, you know what to expect. 

McDonalds is the perfect example of consistency in practice; each restaurant you visit you are greeted with the same menu, delivered consistently in terms of quality and price, consistent messaging and an overall consistent experience. 

What makes McDonalds’s so successful? Consistency is key.

So what do you want to be known for? 

I say consistency is the best friend of persistence because you can be as persistent as you like with making things move forward, but if the intended recipient of such persistence is hearing mixed messages from you, then your lack of consistency can cause confusion and leave things stuck in their tracks.

By adding consistency to your marketing messaging, you become known for something. Many are the time I have attended a networking session and bumped into someone who may not have met me personally but is connected to the 0114 Marketing platform, group or blog and they connect immediately through the consistent approach to messaging…

“0114 Marketing for people who do not need, want or cannot afford a full time marketing person. Not every business needs a full time marketer – but every business needs marketing.”

0114 Marketing mission.

“0114 Marketing is an award winning marketing company from Sheffield. We help business owners become their own marketing expert through workshops, networking events, training, online and one to one work”

0114 Marketing consistency

“Say no to salesman marketers!”

0114 Marketing messaging.

Consistency is key across your marketing and business activity.

  1. Brand messaging. Think about McDonalds and Apple. Their brand, like yours, should be a promise of consistent quality. 
  2. Doing things on time, at the time you said – consistently
  3. On social media. Do your platforms and those using the platforms represent your brand as you want? Is your social media schedule consistent to relate to your target market?
  4. In reputation. Are you building a consistent and high quality reputation and harnessing the power of reviews, referral and repeat business? 
  5. Be known for something. What should you and your brand be known for? How are you going to take small steps today to start implementing this awareness? Where will you network your messaging, who can help drive things forward?
  6. Be consistent in communicating. If someone messages you, when will you get back to them? Are you consistently replying to emails and phone calls at a time you say you will? If people don’t know when to expect a reply, it will lead to a bad customer experience. Worse still, if you say you will respond and then don’t, what does this say about your reputation? 

Being consistent will help you be more persistent. Being more persistent will hone your consistency. It’s a very effective win-win and I urge you to focus on the points raised in this article. 

The Massive Output: The Compound effect

What should you do next?

It’s easy to ignore the things you should be doing to progress your marketing and business activity. It’s easy to ignore these things because they can make us uncomfortable. Instead we focus on the minutiae that we feel comfortable with, because when we dipped our toe in progression we didn’t get a response, or were met with a frosty response at best. 

Questions to ask before committing to your ideas.

  1. Does your idea give back value for those who invest in it?
  2. Does it leave things in a better position that if your product or idea didn’t exist?
  3. Can you pay your bills from this idea
  4. What skills gaps do you have and how can you collaborate to build the resources necessary
  5. Does this idea fit your wider business and marketing aims and objectives?

What are you sitting on that could improve your business?

  1. Who should you be speaking to about moving your idea forward?
  2. What time can you set aside in the next week to move your idea forward 1 little step?
  3. What does the completion of this idea look like for your business?
  4. Who else can make things move forwards for you? 
  5. What do you want to be known for? 

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