8 Massive online benefits from delivering awesome customer service!

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8 Massive online benefits from delivering awesome customer service!

Huge marketing opportunities for adding customer value in a digital world

Delivering awesome customer service should be paramount of business at all levels, not just companies of a certain size. There is a huge point of difference for small organisations though as it is far easier to implant this culture into your business.

Often the customer service delivered is a direct reflection on the values and service capabilities of the business owner and this needs to be developed and nurtured across the business as the operation grows. My article on what is customer service and why should I care really highlights the potential for your business to own the delivery of excellent customer service in your business.

Digital opportunities for businesses delivering excellent customer service

The opportunities that are clear for businesses of all shapes and sizes for creating a huge unique selling point (USP) for their product or service should not be over looked.

I genuinely believe that we are operating in a time and space where the greatest leveler of the field has made it possible for the sole trader, small business, and growing enterprise to prosper and own the space in which they operate.

Your company must embrace the marketing opportunities that are abundant in the online world.

For growth, real value adding to your customer base and potential customers, and to have longevity, your business must operate in a world of value adding, genuine care and position yourself as a thought leader within your niche.

There is a huge level of trust to be found from creating your online persona to be that of knowledge, selflessness, and one that offers huge value from the best of your knowledge without the expectancy of return.

If you are not embarking on a journey of content creation, knowledge sharing and information creating then how are you really adding value to your chosen audience? Check out my piece on how to implement customer service in a digital world for a few starting tips that all business can adopt.

I have identified here 8 huge opportunities that stem from delivering excellent customer service and added value pointers for your business from having an active content marketing plan that is borne from delivery of excellent customer service.

Remember: Marketing is more than a business function

In today’s age of business, marketing is not a department within your organization, marketing is your organisation; an inter twined cultural position that you must take in order to thrive in the long term.


My 8 added benefits your business will pick up from delivering excellent customer service

#1 Become an authority in your field by adopting a content marketing philosophy

#2 search engine bonuses of customer service excellence

#3 real brand affinity

#4 create a tribe brand advocates

#5 referrals for more business

#6 improved SEO backlinking from reviews on line

#7 marketing focus on your business

#8 empowered staff, business and culture

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