Build Brand Affinity Through Content Marketing

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Build Brand Affinity Through Content Marketing

How to build brand affinity from content marketing

Customer service that meets an exceeds customer expectation will leads to customer delight, customer referral and brand advocacy. In a digital age where there are more and more touch points between the brand and the end user means as a business we must become more relationship savvy with the view of offering genuine vale and real affinity with our audience. From the customer service we deliver to our chosen audience we beging to build more than just sales, we build up real brand affinity with our target audience.

Content marketing can be the driver to enhance the experience of the end user and can position your brand as one that become friends with the audience. We need more than just the sale within our business in the 21st Century. We need to have a voice, a personality and be real.

The importance of values in your business. Shared values resonate with chosen audience.

If you have chosen your audience well and understand not only their needs, wants, pain points within the sales process, but you have also identified their wider beliefs, interests and values then you can take the relationship up a notch by talking on the same level as your lead or prospect.

How to build shared values in your business communication

Ask yourself,

What does my target audience do at weekends?

Where does my target audience live?

What political stance do my target audience have?

Does my audience have the spirit of independence or prefer big commerce and industry?

By understanding these questions (and these are only some!), you can begin to talk about these points in the context of your business , to help them understand issues that resonate with them in a new or engaging way.

Sharing the news to build brand affinity for your business

If you are a service provider or product seller then ask yourself how does your service or product have relevance or a place to speak with authority about this topic? If you don’t feel there is a direct correlation between your product then think outside the box a bit. Where is your business located? Have you got business partners or previous customers in the area where the news is taking place?

In my hometown, the felling of trees in Sheffield is creating national news. Every person in the city has a genuine opinion on the issue and as a small business there is no harm whatsoever in you having an opinion also. As you are most likely serving likeminded people in your day to day (if you have chosen your audience well!), the chances are you will gain some traction in what you say and create a bit of a buzz around your comments and your brand.

By sharing relevant news stories and offering up an opinion on topics that are relevant to you and you audience you are creating content that isn’t ‘selling’ but is adding weight to your brand. You are putting meat on the bones of your brand and bringing your business to life.

Would your audience talk to your brand if it walked into a pub?

A random question and analogy I use more and more is this; if your brand could walk and talk and it wandered in to the local pub or coffee shop, would people stop and talk or would people run across the room or hide behind the menus?

Don’t the that kid.

Think back to when you were young and there was that person in your class who walked in telling you how they had just been given the most expensive shoes, just bought the newest toys, scored the winning goal, stepped on the most slugs at the weekend? We quietly hoped that that person wouldn’t sit next to us or they’d be sick that day!

On the flip side of this, when the kids walked in sharing their toys, picking you on the football team, offering the spare pencil from the pencil case (look it up younger readers!), we would reserve a space, we would light up when they walked in the room and encourage them to sit with us.

Which child is your business in this scenario?

By offering up opinion and conversation on things beyond our direct product or service, we are offering our spare pencil, we are having the space reserved for us and our audience are lighting up when we walk in the room.

Hundreds of businesses are just been the other kid, the one who shouts off about his most expensive shoes and how cool he is. No one really wants him to turn up that day.

When you next produce content for your business online…

Think about the pub example and the school kid example the next time you provide content for your customer experience, your blog and your brand. Would people like to chat about this in a pub? Would you have a seat saved for you in class? Be more like that kid when making content for your business!

Affinity is key!

Providing an exceptional customer experience will provide tremendous brand affinity event when the chips are down or your business in on a downer. You can call on your buddies (your delighted customers!) to pull you out of the weeds. They can be reinvigorated, act as your referral partners and stoke the embers once again to create some demand, story and visits to your site or service.

Don’t act alone, build affinity through brilliant content marketing and exceptional customer service!

Practice what you preach

For those who know me and my business will know that I am a family man and keen to empower my Sheffield business marketing community to market their businesses and grasp the opportunity that are in abundance in the 21st century. I shared a post from the global authority Gary V about the Toys R Us business. Why? Because it resonates perfectly with my brand, my business and my audience! So take control and keep your eyes peeled!

This post is part of my 8 massive benefits to your business from delivering brilliant customer service .

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