What Type Of Networker Are You?

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What Type Of Networker Are You?

Business networking is an important part of nearly all business activity for finding new leads, building relationships and improving sales – but what is your business networking persona?!

Most likely you will fall into one of these 6 character types as identified by guest blog writer, John-Patrick Quinn of Content Compass fame.

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1. The Ghost

You claim to have been to a networking event, but no one’s ever seen you there. When pressed, no one can remember your name or having seen a business card from you.

Who are you talking about again?” asked Rob Taylor when I told him about you.

You have received no work from this networking you claim to have attended, you always say to yourself “I must start going networking,” but each time you don’t, you start to question your own existence.

You won’t attend the networking event at Cargo Hold on the 5th December, but you’ll be there “in spirit.”

2. The UNO Machine

It’s a real shame we don’t network in the Wild West, because you’ve got the fastest hands in the land. You’ll never make the switch to digital business cards, as the element of consent for the person receiving your card might scupper your one and only plan of attack.

You make sure to stand in the centre of the room and fire out business cards like it’s a ticker tape parade.

Everyone will get one and when they get home they’ll think through how they got that card. And then they’ll remember. And if they ever need someone to hand out leaflets on the street, you’re the first person they’ll call.

You will probably attend the FREE networking event at Cargo Hold on the 5th December. There’s always one of you.

3. The Broken Elevator

You’ve rehearsed your elevator pitch 100 times. In the mirror, of course. You love the sight of your own visage as much as you love the sound of your own voice.

After you’ve put in the hours rehearsing every line and possible intonation, you’re not going to waste time making idle chit-chat with people.

In fact, it’s probably a good idea to break up any conversations you do see happening, as those people are probably wasting their own time having fun. You’ll go over and introduce yourself loudly across whatever that person was saying because it’s crucial they understand how important you are.

You don’t waste time letting them introduce themselves, they might change the subject, or worse still, continue the conversation they were having. Instead you show chutzpa and determination and launch right into your pitch.

That’s when glance at them keenly, like a dog who’s just whizzed all over a carpet and is waiting to be congratulated with a biscuit. You ARE A GOOD BOY. You know you are. These guys are just out of biscuits, obviously. You hurriedly scurry over to the next group. They’ll have biscuits, you’re sure of it.

4. The Hunter

Whether you’re a lone wolf or you’ve been set loose by your pack, you’ve got the scent of blood. You know who your prey is. Everything and everyone else is a distraction, or competition.

That sweet, sweet mulla is all you’re after. After all, that’s what’ll help you to survive as a business. You will use your charm to lure in your mark and then just before they realise it’s too late, you sink your teeth into their neck. Eventually they’ll stop wriggling around. You’re sure they’ll offer their money willingly after that. Even if it is just to get you to go away. Money’s money.

I mean, sure, people will warn people about you. But that’s why you don’t turn up again for another 6 months whilst you feed on your kill. When you come back, people will have forgotten why they were supposed to be worried about you. Then bang.

Charm. Teeth. Kill.

You will almost certainly attend the FREE Rush Hour networking event at Cargo Hold on the 5th December.

With all those businesses in attendance, it’s like someone’s served you up a free all you can eat buffet. Who cares if you’re only there for the cocktail sausages and you eat them all? Only everyone else. They’re not you. They can have the rest of the buffet.

(Disclaimer: There is no all-you-can-eat buffet.)

5. The Vegan Farmer

You plant the seeds. You wait a few months. You reap what you’ve sown. You know it’s worth making hay whilst the sun shines to ensure there aren’t any lean winters.

You’re not too different from the Hunter in technically, but you’re smart about it. You know that patience is a virtue. Hunters chase their prey. You wait for opportunities to ripen. You grow seasonally. If you have a bad harvest however, you’re done-zo. You don’t like hunting. So those crops better come through season after season.

You want to come to Rush Hour Networking, the FREE new networking event at Cargo Hold on the 5th December at 4-6pm.

You want to because it’s new land for you to sow some seeds in case your current crop don’t grow. You might even see a crop or two from your original field that you can smother in horse manure.

6. The Noob

You don’t have any idea what’s going on. Why all these seemingly normal people are acting so bizarrely. Your friends warned you this is what networking was like, but you came anyway. Fortunately for you, there are always fellow noobs at networking. You can tell because they’re hiding in the same toilet cubicle as you are, wondering why they’ve just listened to someone tell them to switch their utilities for half an hour when normally they’re allowed to ignore those people on the high street.

You’ll befriend these other noobs and you’ll think it wasn’t so bad after all. I mean, obviously it’s a shame that everyone can’t act normal; but you’re reassured that there’s always at least a couple of people like you there.

You’ll attend a few more meetings after you’ve booked onto Rush Hour Networking, for FREE, at Cargo Hold on the 5th December at 4-6pm. And then you’ll realise that we were once like you, and we created our own events to try and escape the madness.

Business networking events in Sheffield.

Sheffield and the surrounding region is awash with excellent (and some not so!) business networking events. It’s important to have a grasp on what you want to actually achieve from your networking before committing to attending. Who is going? What type of business? What will you learn? Is the venue nice and ‘on point’ with your brand?

The Power Hour Network is a monthly marketing workshop and networking event serving the business owners of Sheffield and the wider city region. Often in attendance are key business contacts from the local Chambers Of Commerce, Business support services and a whole host of experts who can help build your business and become collaborative partners. Check out the video for more about it and be sure to keep an eye on the blog, dedicated to helping the business community of the Sheffield city region market themselves effectively!