How to build a tribe of loyal fans for your business

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How to build a tribe of loyal fans for your business

Create a tribe of online brand advocates from brilliant customer service.

I’ve heard it all before when I speak to most business owners

I don’t have time to market

Marketing is what big businesses do

I don’t have any budget to do marketing

Sound familiar to you, too?

What you need to grasp as business owners or decision makers is that even the smallest business, of only one or two employees, can still make an impact on their chosen market by implementing an efficient marketing plan that works for you as a business owner.

You don’t need a huge budget to compete fairly with your multi national global companies. You just need a plan.

If I were to tweet or Facebook a question and ask which coffee shop I should have my next meeting at, or which store I should go to for my next top up shop, you would most likely have a preference and opinion on why I should most definitely go to the place you recommend.

Think about this. You have no inherent responsibility to tell me your opinion. No vested interest in where I should host my next meeting but something triggers you to have an overly strong belief that I should attend the venue of your choice.


There is a certain amount of social currency in telling someone who has not been where you have been, to go where you have already sampled; they are in the know and feel you need to know this.

‘oh, you simply must try Bob’s coffee – they are the best by far, have you not been?’

We have all been on the receiving end of a glowing review of somewhere we haven’t been, and have probably offered the same advice to those requesting suggestions themselves.

Deep down, we all like to be the ones in the know, if what we know is going to elevate our own social standing we are more likely to encourage our own personal tribe to shop at said venue.


The average Facebook ‘tribe’, or ‘friends’ that the common person has is assumed to be 338 (Big Think link here). If 10 of your customers tell their audience of 338 people about your product or service you are quickly spreading your brand awareness through third party means. Powerful stuff!

Which Facebook audiences are you building? Do you have anywhere for your brand to live on Facebook and social media?


The rise of the online review platform industry is big business. You must have seen the adverts from people like Rated People and Checkatrade. From Google reviews to, reviews and the power of referral is big business that any company can engage. A customer referral platform is key to any business marketing plan, if you don’t have one, you need one!

The social proof and social currency of holding a high number of customer reviews adds weight to any brand, far beyond a paid for advert. Focus some time and energy on developing your referral strategy and ask yourself…

How many reviews do you have?

How do you actively seek customer reviews?


Tim Ferris, in his book Tools For Titans says you can make a great living from 1000 genuine customers. Why? Well, from those 1000 customers you can upsell, cross sell, gather referrals and maintain immense levels of customer service.

A loyal tribe of 1000 customers and advocates of your brand will offer you a seriously strong marketing advantage over your competitor.

How do you build a tribe of loyal customers?

Brilliant customer service will help you build loyalty, which will in turn build a tribe, an audience, that you can call your own. By nurturing leads through content marketing online you can offer genuine value to your chosen audience with no immediate and hard selling proposition.

Some customer service content marketing opportunities for your business include Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, email lists and webinars.

How many of these tools are you using to build your tribe?

Remember, come from a place of service! You need to want to help your audience with no intention of selling to them.

How many people are in your tribe currently?

Which of the tribe building tools will you implement on your business?


Remember, all you need is 1000 people in your tribe and you will be set for life. It is worth laying the foundations now for future success. Remember, there is no magic bullet but in today’s world of relationships and customer to customer communication, now is the time to create a huge, long lasting market advantage for your brand.

How can I help you implement clear strategy within your business? Contact me, let me know what is holding you back!


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