Dads In Business & the Dad gap.

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Dads In Business & the Dad gap.

70 million working days are lost in the UK every year costing over £70 billion! I wanted to drill down into this and relate it more to Dads. The findings are startling!

I think there is a gap between what people think is happening and what is actually happening with regards to Dads In Business and Dads at work, and working with my friend and colleague Angga Kara, we are hoping that Dads In Business can contribute to an improving workplace helping the 80% of working men who are parents, address their concerns and become better in work and personal life.

I don’t hide the fact I find the juggling act of work and home life very difficult. I’m the Dad of 3 wonderful kids but at times dedicating the focus required to be brilliant at home and brilliant at work becomes an uphill battle. This is why I spoke with Angga from Men Up North about putting together a Dads specific session to support others in my position.

Whilst I know I am not in a unique position, I feel it is sometimes a grossly underserved market in terms of support and acknowledgement.

dads in business

If publically, only 13% of people say they believe it’s the man’s role to earn and the woman’s to care, then why do fathers feel more work/family stress than others?

According to Families and Work Institute

Again, if the public opinion is that the responsibility is shared, why do over a third of Dads say that flexible working could mark them out as not committed to their work, with almost half saying it would negatively impact their chance of work progression.

The Annual Fatherhood Survey of 2016 suggested that there is a clear Dad Gap and there should be a Government MP focussed on the issue, positioned as the first ever Fatherhood Champion.

The Annual Fatherhood Survey 2016,

It suggests that UK employers should become more father friendly and recognise the needs of fathers in the workplace. This is the role of Dads In Business. We are creating productive networking sessions geared just for Dads In Business and also talking to larger employers about the delivery of the programme that Angga and myself are building out.

A whopping 78% of Dads say there is less support available for them compared to Mums in the same situation (Centre for social justice). 57% of Dads also said they felt emotionally unsupported when becoming a parent.

Dads In Business – our ideas

We are aiming to speak with workplace CEOs, decision-makers and employees to discuss their perception of the statistical research and help encourage honest and open conversations and learnings in a space that is accessible and encouraged for Dads to attend.

The networking sessions for Dads In Business are fantastic. They are a real gateway for Dads to get together and chat about the unique position we find ourselves in. It’s great to grow connections and business with others in a similar position and also take away something of value to implement within our personal and work life.

The social community will grow in line with awareness and concept and we aim to speak with larger companies – some multi national companies are talking already – to help the workforce and management improve their support in line with other workplace health and wellbeing programmes.

Be sure to jump on the Men Up North Facebook group and also the Dads In Business group which will become more active over the coming weeks as the DIBS mission unfolds.

See more about Dads In Business, more about Angga Kara and myself over on the web. The next event will be announced shortly so hopefully, we can see you there to help guide our next steps too!

Angga Kara of Men Up North.
Me and my oldest, Rony – aged 5 (4 and three quarters in this pic!)

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