Facebook Ads : The future of your business on social.

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Facebook Ads : The future of your business on social.

Okay so I love Facebook ads. I help business get seen, get engaged and get sales from, what I believe, is the best value ad platform around.

With organic reach seemingly on the decline from business pages and rumours of Facebook zero organic reach coming to the fore it is more important than ever to have an understanding of Facebook Ads and the importance they will play in positioning your brand.

It’s not only me that thinks Facebook ads are the best value around, Gary Vee also lauds the platform.

What does Neil Patel think? I found this handy article about global influencer, Neil Patel who discusses organic reach on Facebook.


The excellent Social Media Examiner report for the social marketing industry suggests from it’s feedback that 48% of B2B businesses and a whopping 69% of B2C businesses will be investing more time and money in getting to know the ad platform in the coming 12 months – this is fantastic on a global scale, but the business owners of the Sheffield City Region need to get to grips with the potential that Facebook ads can offer business in terms of traffic, engagement, awareness and ultimately, sales!


There seems to be a real apathy to Facebook advertising, a long lasting assumption that Facebook should owe us, the business owner, a living. The days of Facebook giving the business owner endless free traffic, reach and engagement are done, the platform has evolved and your business strategy needs to evolve with it.

I speak to brands on a regular basis who seem more than happy to spend hundreds of pounds on print ads, short run leaflet campaigns or sponsorship, yet baulk at the thought of positioning their brand in front of thousands of relevant eyes for as little as £50 – why is this?!

Print ads look great, sponsorship is great if done correctly, but the short shelf life of none digital campaigns are, by nature, very sporadic, hard to track and very scatter gun in their approach, yet I see business after business invest literally £1000+ a month on such advertising.

I am unsure if it is a lack of knowledge of modern Facebook marketing, a lack of respect, or the intangible nature of the ads that mean the value cannot be perceived in a way to justify the small investment. Print ads are shiny, they are real in so much you can pick up the ad and see it in real life; social ads appear only in peoples new feeds, they look the same as an organic post, they can be scrolled past and ignored, but boy can they be effective!


I started using Facebook around its arrival in the UK about 12 years ago. I had to blag a University email address to log in as the platform started geared up just for University students, hence the need for a Uni email address. Have you seen the film The Social Network? It’s a good insight to how the platform began. Anyway…

Since then, the platform morphed, evolved, brands popped up, newsfeeds changed, evolved, 4g happened and networks got quicker which enabled features like live video. Communities became more and more popular and now Facebook groups are a brilliant way to build a following of supporters for your brand.

My point here is, Facebook has evolved beyond what it was 12 years ago. It has evolved in to something far, far greater and influential than I ever thought it would, and it is here to stay.

The problem is, most business strategies on the platform just hasn’t evolved with the times; they are still behaving on the platform as they did 5 years ago when Facebook was happy to give away free reach left, right and centre!

There is a certain expectation amongst the business community that the platform owes you a living. I ask you to please, respect the platform, play the game Facebook wants you to play, and for a minimal investment you can attract the volume of reach and engagement to really kickstart your business profile and success on Facebook.


Facebook ads work. End of. What perhaps doesn’t work, is your strategy.

But are Faxebook Ads expensive? We think not, we think they are excellent value. See more about this on our article; Are Facebook Ads Expensive [A Case Study]

The graphic below shows just how popular the platform is for paid advertising, and as more and more bigger businesses start buying space on the news feed, now is the time for you to get a basic understanding of how just a small budget can seriously improve your operation.

In 2018, Facebook took $16.6 billion in ad revenue. Perhaps, maybe, the way you build ads and campaigns needs to be freshened up?

Are you just chucking out sales messages with little regard for the person actually seeing the ads?

  • Is it easy for the person to engage, is it obvious what they need to do next?
  • How are you capturing leads?
  • And how are you retargeting those leads to nurture a relationship ahead of the sale?


I love using Facebook ads. I love showing others how to use them too to benefit their business.

The images here show just one small campaign which, for no more than £75 ad spend, has so far reached 43,000 people! This campaign has also generated gross revenue of £4500. Not huge amount of revenue, but then a tiny amount of ad spend that is surely affordable for even the smallest of business?

Facebook ads reach and engagement can be phenomenal for the investment.

The added beauty of Facebook ads is that you can turn them on and off as you see fit. You’ll see the campaign below has very obvious spikes. This is exactly when we want the ads to be seen, when we think the ads will hold most relevance to the intended audience.

Also, just look at the amount of people we reach by having a considered approach to our marketing.

If traditional print media offered this kind of engaged reach to a specific audience, it would cost so much more than the £75 investment we have allocated so far!


Facebook can still be of a free benefit to your business. You must play the game though and appreciate the needs of Facebook as a business too, and also your target market. Remember a few years ago when the newsfeed was just a  spam fest and we were getting bombarded by sales messages? Well, that is coming to an end. But the good news is for business owners and consumers alike, Facebook works for all.

You must first get an understanding of modern organic Facebook marketing and then look how you can benefit your business and bottom line from paying small sums to reach huge amounts of the right kind of people!

I will be sharing the best ways to get started with Facebook advertising at an intimate morning training session in Sheffield on the 24th June. You can see more about that HERE and on Eventbrite, HERE.

Facebook ads training in Sheffield.

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