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I love using Facebook ads for business growth and sales. It is a fast way to build relevant crowds that are self filtering in their actions, to help create even more effective and efficient use of even the smallest budgets. Facebook wants its users to stay on the platform so it’s in their interests to help marketers and business owners be able to use the platform in the most relevant way to target those who are most likely to engage with the message you are putting out there.

If the ads didn’t work, us business owners wouldn’t return and keep feeding the machine. If the ads served to the users were irrelevant, spammy and constant, forming no semblance of a customer journey in relation to the users’ activity, then the user would switch off from the platform.

Facebook has built and continues to improve, the greatest advertising platform I’ve seen. But many people I speak with don’t use it or take time to learn the basics of this effective platform.

In this article, I am trying to dispel some of the common myths I hear when speaking about Facebook Ads for business. I hope you find this article helpful!

MYTH 1: My customer isn’t on Facebook

I worked for many years in a pre-social media age. It was a much simpler time! We would do monthly direct mail campaigns based on the data we had to target people on their birthday month with special offers to engage our events. We would buy full-page ads in the local papers and engage the early forums that were talking about our industry. We would poster the city centre, have staff handing out flyers and get on the radio. Where possible we would letterbox drop thousands of flyers and listings through people’s door. All expensive, all speculative. But it worked.

Then along came Facebook. It’ll never catch on I thought as I. was stuffing this months mailer in to a thousand envelopes. But what do you know – it did catch on. And catch on big!

How many people in Sheffield are on Facebook? 

I hear many business owners talk about their customer no been on Facebook but I often question this as at time of writing (January 2020) there are 43 million Facebook profiles of people aged 18 – 65 in the UK!

I like to break this down further and within 10 miles of Sheffield City Centre there are a whopping 800,000 Facebook profiles of people aged 18 – 65. 800,000!

I’m almost certain that you can find a customer or. two within these 800,000 people. Perhaps, just maybe, the way you are using the platform is the problem?!

Facebook ads manager showing how many users in Sheffield use the platform. By 0114 Marketing.
How many people in Sheffield are on Facebook in 2020?
800,000 Facebook profiles within 10 miles of Sheffield city centre in 2020.

MYTH 2: I don’t use Facebook for business.

97% of every purchasing decision begins online. 97%. Think about that. The next time you decide on your holiday, your concerts, festivals, home purchase or service provider – you will almost certainly begin that process online, and as part of that online journey, you will most likely look at Facebook.

Over 80 million businesses use Facebook for business. Yes, not all of them make it a roaring success but if you consider what you actually want from Facebook rather than expecting a full-time PA, marketing manager or sales rep, you can position it as an asset at that stage of business.

What do I mean? Well, if you want to generate leads to a website; you can. If you want to build brand awareness; you can. If you want to capture reviews and share feedback; you can. If you want to build audiences of cold traffic and suspects; you can.

Image source: Oberlo

Before you wildly suggest that Facebook just doesn’t work for business, take a step back and think bout the various assets within Facebook and see where they fit in to your strategy. Chances are you will be missing out on some exciting opportunity.

The 4 main platforms within Facebook to help you build a business presence on the platform.

In a modern world where your customer are online and they are on Facebook, then like it or not, your business needs a presence on the platform. You can break down this presence in to several categories:

  1. Facebook Business Page
    1. Your website within Facebook
    2. Build reputation and reviews
    3. Build messenger systems to create customer lead enquiries
    4. Build a social presence and customer journey that meets your customer expectations
    5. Share your articles, product knowledge and ideas to others in your target market
  2. Facebook Groups
    1. Build authority around a chosen topic
    2. Find likeminded people who share a common theme
    3. Lead a group of people to educate, inform or share knowledge
    4. Fantastic brand positioning for most markets
    5. Value adding for existing customers
  3. Facebook Personal Profile
    1. As a business owner your personal opinions are mirrored as your business opinions. Be very careful not to mismatch the two. Those who have a Facebook personal profile but claim to not use it for business are mistaken. Whether you think you do, or think you don’t – you do use your Facebook personal profile for business. 
    2. A fantastic asset to building sector authority as the ‘go-to’ person in your industry.
    3. Remember, people buy from people like themselves. Use your personal profile as a supporting arm for your business by showcasing your personality and life. Be approachable. Be yourself!
  4. Facebook Ads
    1. The best value advertising out there. Hands down. 
    2. Build a fully automated, logic based ad sequence that talks to your potential customers at the right time based on previous actions with your content
    3. Track your results and ad spend, turning your ads on and off at times that suit your customer.
    4. Manage budget to the penny. 
    5. Reach thousands and thousands of potential customer for relatively small sums. 

MYTH 3: Facebook should be free. 

But, Why? 

10 years ago Facebook was free. It was in a rampant phase of growth both for users and business owners. The platform would give away countless reach, engagement and drive endless traffic to your site…for free. But then the timeline became filled with spam, the experience of the user was poor, and ultimately Facebook is a business. With shareholders and commercial objectives. I don’t see a time that Facebook won’t be free for the users, but for business and marketing use, there is only one way it is going and the sooner you can get around this idea of Facebook requiring some investment of time and money (albeit, not much money!), the sooner you will start seeing results.

Don’t try and game the system.

Respect the platform and learn to play the game. By creating fake profiles, spamming groups, blasting out awful content, creating landing pages that go to dead links or data farms, you may well get some quick wins but in no time at all you will most likely be removed from the platform.

I implore you to get to grips with the platforms within the platform and play the long game to create a sustained marketing tool that can create brand awareness, leads, sales and loyalty.

Myth 4: Facebook ads are expensive

In 2020, 62% of advertising spend will be online.

Read: Are Facebook Ads Expensive [A Case Study]

I want to reference my early days in marketing when I was doing to direct mail, envelope stuffing, hand to hand flyering and full-page ads in the local press.

The average promotional staff is say £9 per hour. They do a shift for 3 hours totalling £27 per shift. But you need two of them, so that’s now £54 per shift and they do 4 shifts (total £216). But they need to hand out the print. This costs £100 to design and £150 to print enough for them to hand out.

So this is £216 plus £250 = £466. This is £466 to hand flyers out to people we do not know want or are interested in our product!

A local full page ad could cost up to £600 plus design. Yet we happily do this – why? Because it’s what we’ve always done!

If you do what you always do, you are going to get less than you’ve always got!

You need to adjust your approach to modern marketing.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost? Are They Worth It?

This handy article suggests the value in Facebook Ads is awesome!

The advertising and marketing world is changing and I promise you, you need to adapt with it or get left behind. This talk from Gary Vee highlights some of the huge benefits available from Facebook Ads and their value for your business.

Further reading and feedback from the blog and training.

These articles will help you better understand Facebook Ads as a tool to help your business build. We run live training sessions too, as attended by Allan on the feedback below. You can see more about the 0114 Marketing training products and solutions on the training page and more about our membership platform that helps improve businesses with small, manageable and simple steps to better their own marketing activity.

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