Why I use G Suite for business

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Why I use G Suite for business

Why I use G Suite For Business

G Suite for business is one of the better tools both for its ability to support most of my small business functions but also provides real value for money. I have used Gmail for personal use for many years and the fact I can seamlessly revert from my business emails to my personal email makes it a very easy and practical choice.

benefits of g suite for business

The benefits of using G Suite for business

I’ve found loads of value from G Suite for business since I started using the platform. I was using a web-based email host attached to my website designer’s profile but this was clunky, unreliable, unresponsive and just awkward to use. It didn’t feel fit for purpose.

I did some research on G Suite and found that currently, 3 million business use the platform to manage their business. They offer a free trial and, being Google, the user experience is incredible. Check it out here

Once you sign up for G Suite you will have instant access to the entire suite of apps; Sheets, Docs, Drive, Slides, but for me, the most important is the email, calendar, and YouTube. I have worked with many businesses where we have to open a Gmail email address to register with YouTube. However, if your domain is registered on G Suite, you can immediately open a YouTube account with the work email address you choose.

YouTube for G Suite

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and to have a channel associated with my work email and my work accounts is brilliant for efficiency. The screenshot below of my YouTube chancel homepage shows what I mean. Rather than a ‘yourname@gmail.com’ you can actually host the channel under your own domain.

Why use G Suite For Business YouTube

Gmail for business

While Gmail can at times be quite frustrating with the way it stacks emails in long conversations, it is worth adapting to its quirks simply for the outweighed benefits of its versatility. It is incredibly easy to sync with your smartphone and works seamlessly with all tablets, devices, and browsers. You can customise your Gmail business account too so it matches your brand identity. Well worth a look. It’s simple, just head to account settings and upload your own imagery as per the screenshot below.

Why I use Gmail for business

Calendar for G Suite

The calendar function that is available to all Gmail users is the exact same calendar available for business customers. It’s a very useful tool that sync’s with your phone and connected devices. Invites can be sent internally on email and imported directly to your calendar. Never miss an appointment again!

Does G Suite boost SEO ranking?

As far as I am aware there is no obvious benefit given to websites that have G Suite associated with the domain though this doesn’t mean there are no benefits to your SEO. I just find it easy to stay within one brand for all ‘tech’ aspects of my business; analytics, Google My Business, Search Console, Admin Centre and the entire suite of apps associated above.

G Suite For Business – give it a try!

I think G Suite is one of the best business IT solutions you can get and I encourage you to give the free trial a spin. It’s around £36 a year and for me, it’s a real no-brainer. You also get tonnes of storage, probably more than you will ever need, so no need to delete important emails to avoid clogging your allowance. Get your free trial here

I hope you find this brief overview helpful, any questions or comments please get in touch!

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