Take ownership of your marketing.

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Take ownership of your marketing.

What Is Google My Business and why I think it should be the top priority for business owners to get to grips with.

Google loves local. And as a local business you should take some time to understand and leverage the free opportunities that are right at your fingertips to boost your organic search presence and to get a better understanding of the inner workings and performance of your website.

What is organic search?

Organic search is quite simply the biggest opportunity for 90% of business owners out there. You can save money on expensive advertising if you have patiences and persistence in building a solid Google profile and presence for your website.

Where you can be found on Google

There are lots of ways you can be found on Google’s free search items but to stand a fighting chance you must build a relevant presence on Google in order for the search engine to find you.

See the example below for my business and the amount of information that is readily available: all customer focussed and advice centric, and all little clues to Google about my business which is can then show relevant parts of to people searching for services related to my business.

Remember that Google loves local and you can find yourself getting found for free on the all important maps section of Google search if your profile is tuned up correctly. This is a fantastic way to pick up local traffic that is relevant to your business and is a fantastic opportunity against the larger national players in your sector to stand out as to the local ‘go-to’ person to deliver your service.

The results pages from the query below are showing marketing companies in Sheffield, of which 0114 Marketing is one!

Where has Google+ gone?

In 2018, Google+, the often ill-fated social platform that was geared up to rival Facebook and Twitter, will be closed down. You can read more about this from the article I found on SEO Hacker.

But with Google+ closing down, it begs the question, What’s next?

Well, I think the search giant are making a play on incorporating elements of Google+ in to your Google My Business profile. As you will see from your own profile and app associated to GMB, you are prompted to keep your profile active by adding posts relevant to what you are doing – to show you are active.

You can bet that if Google is prompting you to do something, there is good reason behind it and you probably should give it a try and reap the rewards from playing the Google game!

How to start to take control of your online presence via Google My Business.

1. Go to www.google.co.uk/business and set up a profile using your best work email address, ideally that relates to your web domain.

2. Claim your business profile! This is the great bit that will pin your business on maps. You’ll receive a postcard to your business address (so Google knows it’s you!) which you can then verify your address. This will root your business to your address and start to make it easier for Google to find you

3. Build out your profile. This doesn’t necessarily happen quickly but it is worth you spending a good amount of time adding some finesse to your business profile, after all, it will become your best business friend!

4. Add some nice artworks, logos and imagery that relates to your brand and business and explain why they are relevant in the form of posts from your profile!

5. Download the app version of Google My Business which is available on Android and iOS so you can keep your profile up to date on the go.

6. Start collecting (and replying to) reviews! You can now start collecting shiny 5-star Google reviews to build authority with Google and your reputation for your target market.

7. You can even build your very own free website! Now let me point this out – I am not suggesting here you ditch your website for a free Google website! You must have your own domain and your own site – but again, if Google suggests you do something within the GMB platform, you should probably take 30 minutes setting this up.

Have you built your Google My Business profile yet? If not, why not?

take some time this week and box off this very important task and help your business get noticed online!

Give this podcst a listen from marketing influencer Neil Patel who gives you another overview of the GMB platform and its uses.

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