How any business can become and authority in your field through content marketing

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How any business can become and authority in your field through content marketing

Become an authority in your field by adopting a content marketing philosophy

The benefits of content marketing are numerous and growing. For me, one of the main benefits for a good content marketing strategy is the opportunity to really own your industry, particularly in small niche markets where the nuance of detail and passion needs to shine through. Who else knows more than you about your product, service or industry? No one! So let’s start showing off about it. Not showing off in a way of being the guy at school who everybody finds annoying simply because he tells you how many A’s they got in their mock exams, but showing off in a way of genuinely wanting to add value to your audience. Make them aware of just how excited you are to be operating within the industry and just how brilliant it is that the person observing your content has taken the time to absorb what it is you have to say.

Content Marketing: Imagine you are in a room…

Think of operating in your digital space as you would a physical space where your audience all hang out. You are in that networking meeting, the conference, seminar or exhibition. You have passers by wander into your shop or speak to you at your stall.

What do you do?

Well, you wouldn’t close the doors, turn away, refuse to answer or exclaim that this particular answer to that question is only available at a higher rate than you are willing to talk at this point, would you?

So why do it online?

In these seminars, networking events, exhibitions and shop fronts we are positioning ourselves ready to share knowledge, add value to the receiver and answer with the genuine interest we have in the persons’ question.

We are the authority in the physical space by answering the question honestly, openly and to the best of our ability. It feels good and rewarding to help someone who can benefit from your knowledge doesn’t it, so do it online too!

Content Marketing Feeds The Information Gluttony In21st-Century Marketing

In the 21st Century, we are spoiled for the amount of free information that is available to us. The first thing we all do when we want to know something is revert to our phones, laptops or tablets and head to our favourite search engine and ask it the question we want answering. Search Engine Land claims that in 2016 there were over TWO TRILLION searches on the Google platform. Let that sink in. TWO TRILLION! It is reported there around 2.3 million searches per second on Google!

We are seeking information for literally everything. And this means that whilst there is a lot of competition and noise around your topic, there is also a huge opportunity through content marketing for you and your business to own your space and create a niche from a niche that, when extrapolated over this vast number of searches, can be a substantial number of web visits for your product. By giving excellent customer service through the digital means mentioned in my post about delivering excellent customer service in a digital world , we are enhancing our online presence and authority. We are implementing an effective content marketing strategy at the same time!

How to become an authority in your field

You can become an authority in your field by planning and actually implementing a sustained and tactical content marketing strategy. Position yourself as the thought leader in your industry, an expert about your product and service and add value to your niche by talking about your knowledge.

This will not happen overnight but who knows more about your product than you? No one! So tell the world, start to map out your content journey. You will find this incredibly rewarding as you also learn, grown and enhance your offer in a digital way.

Where do I start on my content plan? 

Well, in this instance, through a joined up approach to your customer service plan!

Here’s a quick tip for beginning your content marketing plan! Make a note of your next 10 customer queries, jot them down and start writing answers to them. Make a video, an article and archive it on your page. Take a look how enhanced your website looks. See how much content you are creating for social, email, e-book content. It’s quite incredible how quickly you can archive some serious content for your business!

This is one of the 8 massive benefits I spoke about that arise from delivering brilliant customer service online. Your content marketing strategy will be delivered by default if you can just adopt some of the tactics mentioned. This will become habit over time but the rewards are endless. Your content is evergreen and you are telling Google every time you upload content that you know what you are doing, that you know your audience and your product like no one else, and from here, you will make huge gains.

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