[Video] How to find and share your Google review link

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[Video] How to find and share your Google review link

How to find and share your Google review link.

Quick tips on how you can effectively find and share your Google reviews link to build reviews, authority and SEO ranking for your business.

It can be a bit of a frustration to find and share your Google review link despite understanding the value in collecting reviews for your business identified in our 5 step process to getting online reviews. But Google don’t seem to make it easy for you to actively find and share your reviews link.

So we have put together this very quick video to help you not only find your link but make it manageable to share too, by using one of our favourite web app, Bitly

We hope you find this video useful,

Step one: Do a Google Search For Your Business.

Ok, so doing a Google search for yourself isnt always the favourite hobby of the humble business owner but for this exercise it is important to do so. You need to do a Google search for your own business using the Google navigation search bar. In my example, I searched for Rob Taylor Official.

once you have this, your results will show in a normal Google results window. Providing you have done the appropriate Google My Business procedure for your business, you should see your business information pop up on the right hand side with maps, pictures and Google reviews score.

Step Two: Find Your Unique Google Reviews URL

Hit the hyperlink that shows you how many reviews you have. You will be greeted with a pop up window that showcases your customer reviews.

Hit the ‘Write a review’ button and again a pop up window will be shown. This is where you will find your unique Google reviews URL which you will later shorten and share to your network.

This second box is where your consumers can easily leave an effective review for your business and you can begin to grow your authority and ranking with Google.

You need to locate your navigation bar to find and highlight the incredibly long URL that is associated with this pop up widget. An example of my URL is shown here (don’t worry if your navigation bar cannot show the entrie URL, just make sure you select all so the entire link is highlighted when copying to your clipboard)

Step Three: Copy your unique URL and shorten to a more manageable length

You now have your link – great news! But what isn’t so great is the sheer length of the URL. It will look messy and risk putting people off should you share this link on your networks and platforms. So what to do? Visit a link shortening site (We use www.bit.ly) and register a free account – a completely free and painless exercise.

Hit the create button and simply paste in your incredibly long Google reviews link in to the box provided….et voila!

You will now have your very own condensed version of your Google reviews link ready to share. But wait! Theres some more….

Did you know that Bitly research claims 34% more people click on customised links. So you can edit the short code to something more appropriate for your links purpose. The link created in the example below is nice and short so convenient for use across your platforms, but for the nice piece of finishing touch, you may wish to customise the link.

This link has now been customised and I can post this, as seen below, across my platforms and promotional materials, with the destination of the link directing viewers and clickers to my Google reviews page! nice, right!

Google reviews – the long and short of it.

As you can see from the Bitly summary page, the enormous, impractical link (in grey) has been replaced by a short, customised, easy to understand shortened link – all with the goal of acquiring my business more Google reviews!

I hope you found this article useful, if so, please do feel free to leave a review for my business on the Google platform! The link can be found HERE.

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