How to increase your social media engagement and relevance.

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How to increase your social media engagement and relevance.

Awesome content but getting zero engagement? Use this magic trio will identify your weakness!

The three key factors affecting social media relevance and engagement.

We’ve all been there, right? Had that lightbulb moment or idea, an epiphany of awesomeness that the whole world simply needs to see to better their lives! This fantastic piece of content takes time, effort, resource and pure love and adoration on our part to create. We make it look pretty, spell check, run the grammar checks and add our logos. Brilliant!

But then we go and post it on social media platforms across the web, and what happens to this game-changing piece of content? Well…nothing. Absolutely nothing!

We are deflated, surely this was the one. This was the piece of content needed to change the world and have everyone flock to your community and hail you as the global though leader in your field. But then nothing happened.

Social media is rubbish” you cry! “Social media doesn’t work for my business, it’s a joke“. Could it possibly be the case that these global mammoth platforms aren’t actually “rubbish” but maybe, just maybe, you are doing something wrong?

How to increase engagement on social media

I have had a lot of posts that miss the mark, they don’t create any engagement, are seen by minimal amount of people and then the algorithm gods deem the post irrelevant and it is slowly (or quite quickly!) bumped right down the timeline, never to be seen again. All my hard work is lost!

From my experience in entertainment, B2B, and B2C sectors, there is a common thread that can be associated with the lack of engagement on your posts and marketing messages.

The three factors affecting content relevance and engagement

So what are these factors that are ultimately in our control, but seem at times to evade us? Ok, so here goes….


Who do you want to see the post in the first place? If there is a disconnect between what you are saying, and who you are saying it to, why on earth should anybody listen? If I have the fastest broadband available and the product is fantastic, download speeds are unmatched and unrivalled, but the region of the city I am selling it to does not have the infrastructure in place to facilitate such innovations…why would they engage or give me the time of day?

I could have the nicest, most succulent piece of beef, so rare and tasty it would be a crime not to try it! But then wait, if I walk in to my local vegetarian restaurant proclaiming the brilliance of the meat, do you really think people care or will engage me with anything favourable?

Truth is, you can have the greatest content and the best product, but if you are walking into the proverbial vegetarian restaurant with a hunk of beefsteak are you really going to capture the right audience? This is what many people are doing online. They see social media as a catch-all, a free pass to immediate and endless traffic.

Too many people see social media as a catch-all, an endless free pass to the entire population, and by simply blasting out content to an audience as wide as possible, that this will garner results

How to start finding you relevant audience

In today’s digital world you need to start thinking about communities. What community can you be a part of, or what sort of community can you build, to start offering valuable content, advice and positioning to a crowd of people who want to know more about what you do, but do not neccessarily want to buy from you right now.

I wrote a piece on the blog about building a community, or tribe, for your business. Check it out here…

How to build a tribe of loyal fans for your business

Facebook wants you to succeed!

Facebook wants you to succeed. In a Facebook training class I managed recently I explained about the value of dwell time, the onus on Facebook to keep its users on the platform to improve the engaging content and create relevance across the customer journey. Luckily, Facebook also allows you to find your potential perfect partners and customers through Ads Manager. I showed the class about saved audiences, custom engagement audiences and lookalike audiences . These groups and clusters of people are what you need to define in order to stand the best chance of hitting up a relevant audience for your content!


So I have mentioned finding the right audience to start creating better engaging and relevant content for your social media. But now we need to consider the second factor affecting your content engagement; Time. 

When are you posting your valuable content? Is it at a time when you stand the best chance of engaging your customers? By this I mean, are your customers in the right frame of mind or the correct buying state to engage your content?

Are your customers in the right frame of mind, the correct context, to stand the best chance of engaging with your content?

Finding the best time to post online (Facebook)

Again, as per the audience sourcing, you are in luck! With both Facebook groups, and Facebook Pages, the platform tells you when your audience are most likely online.

It is vital you concentrate on getting the right type of  people to your pages and communities. If you don’t, you risk having a lot of irrelevant people on your pages, who are online at the wrong times of day and you will be simply taking a toilet break in the wind when it comes to social media content relevance!

With your social media platforms, quality over quantity rules the day!

Here is a screen grab from the 0114 Marketing Facebook page. It shows me a guide as to when my community are most likely going to be online. If I marry this up with when they are most likely to want to hear from me I stand more of a chance of getting their attention.

Remember, who wants the mother in law to call when you are putting the kids to bed? Those interruptions can be very frustrating, so think about your audience and the context of your posting before just sticking it out there because loads of people happen to be online! 

Using Facebook groups to increase engagement.

As mentioned, building communities or “tribes” for your sector is a fantastic way to start building a relevant audience for your product or service. The 0114 Marketing Facebook Group is a place where I share value and insights into marketing as well as build a networking community for people to share, help and advise each other.

The insights section of the group (available to group owners and admins), is a fantastic place to see when my community are online and engaging. Everything is here to show the correct indicators as to when my group are most likely online and ready to engage with my groups content.

Content – the key to brilliant engagement!

Ok, so content marketing is a huge topic, something for future blogs, sessions and workshops but it’s important to mention here in the context of social media relevance and engagement. The type on content your customer wants to see is vital to understand. Video is imperative too but what other forms of delviering your message can you think of? Infographics, downloads, blog posts, education posts?

I have highlighted content as the third factor of your social media lacking engagement simply because the vehicle you use to deliver your message is absolutely vital!

Content marketing blog posts…

I have written previously here about content marketing in these posts…

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This post from the people at Content Marketing Institute explains a little more about the increasing importance of content marketing and things you can consider in your content plan

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Improve your social media engagement by addressing these three factors to create….relevance!

Relevance is a super important factor for your business and your marketing. It will become more and more prevalent across all sectors and if you are struggling with engagement on social media then try considering each of these 3 sectors. Chances are you engagement is suffering because of one of these three things.