The books that made me better in business in 2019.

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The books that made me better in business in 2019.

It’s been quite a year both personally and professionally, but as I absorb more and more about developing my skills, approach and learning for business, I see that much of the business learning I do is actually just as much personal development as it is business development. By appreciating others’ ideas and inputs from such notable experts in their fields, I can’t help but learn and implement new ideas that improve not only my own business but the businesses of others too!

In no particular order here is a brief summary of the books that I think have helped me in 2019. Please bear in mind this is not a list of books that were necessarily released in 2019, but rather what I personally absorbed across the last 12 months!

Profit First – Mike Michalowicz

It’s a popular book amongst the trades guys and girls the help in The Boiler Business training programme. It really is one of the staple books that a lot of the learning helps share with those who attend. Why? Well, just because people are great at their core skills, it doesn’t often mean they are trained in business management or financial planning. Mike’s approach is super hands on about how to find profits, what to do with the revenue’s and how to pay yourself properly. Your accountant might not like it but this has repeatedly been an eye opener for business owners we speak with!

The Boiler Business training loves Profit First!
financial business planning book for small business
Profit First. The ultimate business and financial approach.

Listen on Audible HERE.

Find it on Amazon HERE.

Funnel Vision: Selling Made Easy – Steve Knapp.

Steve Knapp, The Sales Mindset Coach has delivered what is referred to by influencers in the sales industry as one of the best sales books ever written. It’s clear to see why. I find its jargon free and no nonsense approach to a process and system that is proven to work is so refreshing for an industry that carries a certain perception.

It is an easy to read introduction to sales and I recommend this to any business owner either for themselves or for their sales teams!

The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library – Jim Rohn

This is simply one of the greatest personal development books (or listens) I have found. He’s up there with the talks of Les Brown and the clear insights and learnings sound so easy and simple you’d think it was common sense. The way Jim references business focus, goals, time management and responsibility cannot help but make you a better business person and a better person overall. A must-listen for me this one just to have in your library and for reference.

Listen on Audible HERE.

a list of the best personal and business development books
One of the finest speakers on personal development and business improvement; Jim Rohn

Trust Me I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday

Ryan really rips apart the playbook on getting your business noticed. From small blogs to the national press, Ryan has opened the book on how to get noticed. It’s a fantastic listen that deserves some attention. I often advocate becoming your own marketing expert and for me, Ryan helps you do just that in this play by play how to marketing book to have the media and press working for you.

Listen on Audible HERE.

This Is Marketing & Tribes – Seth Godin

The power of community and leading a group with a common purpose is high on the agenda of Tribes a real modern marketing book that has immense value for many business owners who read this blog. Seth Godin is somewhat of a. marketing guru and has written many brilliant books on the topic; Tribes is up there. It inspired my article about The Beatles Didn’t Invent Tenneagers which I think you should read over on the marketing blog.

Also by the same author, This Is Marketing echos the approach I try to instill in the business community here, namely the positioning of marketing within your business runs throughout your business, not just as a function of it.

I recommend highly these two books by a fantastic thought leader.

Listen to This Is Marketing on Audible HERE.

Listen to Tribes on Audible HERE.

marketing books by seth godin

My other top business reads that have improved me and my business in 2019.

According to my Audible account, I have listened to 39 books in 2019. I have probably read a further 10 to 15 physical books. I strongly advocate constant learning and being open to new ideas. The opportunity to own your own marketing efforts is real and possible, and by absorbing learning through books like this you really can take your business to the next step.

Audible offers a FREE TRIAL and is then only £7.99 a month which gets you a book credit each month (the Jim Rohn book is £40+ but you can grab this from your free credit each month!). It pays for itself in no time and I strongly recommend taking up the FREE TRIAL if you aren’t a member already.

Sales & Marketing Training by 0114 Marketing.

Other awesome reads this year have included Sales EQ (Jeb Blount), Measure What Matters (John Doerr) and The 1-Page Marketing Plan (Allan Dib). There’s no reason not to pursue a path of constant and continuous business improvement and I hope these boks offer you some kind of starting point!

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