[Case Study] How we achieved 35 hours of brand visibility to 10,500 people for free in just one day…for FREE!

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[Case Study] How we achieved 35 hours of brand visibility to 10,500 people for free in just one day…for FREE!

How to leverage other groups to maximise reach and brand awareness for your Facebook page.

Ok, so not all products are as sexy as others and sometimes finding things to talk about that remain relevant can be tricky. Take boilers for example. Not very sexy at all, right?

How we achieved 35 hours of brand visibility to 10,500 people for free in just one day…for FREE!

See the video posted here!

So just how do you make relevant and engaging posts that talk directly to your target market that doesn’t just try and flog a boiler to someone who may not need it? If your product is such that it is not purchased often, is not a product that people choose to buy and in most cases will only buy when the wheels come off (a new boiler, a new roof and so on), then you may be inclined to think that social media just isn’t for you.

But with that many people on the platforms, maybe, just maybe, it’s what you are saying on the platform that creates the irrelevance, not the platform itself?

We put this to the test and I have to say, the results were awesome! The goal for a service business like this is to remain top of mind, tip of tongue. It’s an awareness campaign. A new boiler costs in the region of £1500 to £2000. It’s not sexy. It’s not impulsive. People are very unlikely to see your posts and buy immediately from the page. But that doesn’t mean that social media is not for this sector or others like it.

Remember, we are building relationships here with the aim being that once the viewer needs the product you offer, you remain at the forefront of their thoughts as the go-to person for that service. And how do you do that? By talking like a human and offering relatable, real-life content that resonates with your target market!

Step One: Upload a video of content that isn’t directly related to the product you sell

Ok, so the example here is for a boiler installation company in Sheffield, Big Boiler Shop. The video here was taken on a mobile device in the local area which the business operates – no need for Hollywood production here!

The business has a lot of activity in Heeley, a suburb of Sheffield, so we were sure to tag in the video in that location, to root it to a relevant spot in the city for the business. The headline is important, it has a clear open question, encouraging opinion and engagement asking a question that is sure to grab people’s attention.

Note: no mention of ‘we sell boilers – do you want one’!

The video description copy includes some encouragement for the viewer to engage and watch to a certain point on the video (…just wait until you see that view!) and we also added an option for viewers to contact us via messenger if they needed to reach out.

Step Two: Find influential and active groups where your target market hang out!

This bit is important. Remember, the purpose of this video is to engage our target market so when they are ready to buy, they consider our services moving forward. Which are the most active groups in your area that are relevant to your target market? This will vary for every business, but you can almost be guaranteed that there are active groups supporting that community!

How to share your video to a relevant group

Once your video is uploaded, post it to your business page.

Find the share button on the post and hit ‘share to page’ to open this window. Navigate down to ‘share in a group’

Find the group you want to share the content to and create a new post with engaging text and call to action. See the finished post below!

It is vital that when  you join these groups or communities that have thousands of your target market within them that you go in there with the intention of adding value to the group, do not spam the group!! If you join a group and immediately go in with the hard sell of your products, with no consideration of the group focus, the content of the topics, you will be ignored, seen as a spammy salesperson and most likely removed from the group.

In this example, the group is a very popular Pictures of Sheffield group with around 30,000 people contributing to a community, sharing videos and photos of Sheffield both modern and old. The video we created is perfect for this group and as the video was uploaded directly to the business Facebook page, once you share the video from the business page to this group, the original business page is also shown, thus showing your page, and your brand on the video and post.

Note: The text copy on the shared post is just as important. See here how I add a call to action or intrigue with the ‘…wait until you see this unfold’ and asking a question, rounded off with a statement that is sure to get engagement pronouncing my love for the city (which is true by the way!)

Question: Which groups can you find on Facebook where your target market hang out? Are you a member of these groups and do you add genuine value with no intention of selling a product? Contribute to a group and add value to it! 

Step Three: Choose the right time!

One of the most important things to do when posting on social media forums is to choose a time that is suitable to your chosen audience and the group which you are posting. If you post at an irrelevant time, you run the risk of having little to no engagement during the first hours of the post going live, and then having the post over taken by freshers content within the same group that attracts better engagement, thus telling Facebook that your content is irrelevant and not interesting to the users. Time is of the essence! I wonder how many amazing social media posts have gone missing simply because the time they were posted was not considered??

In this instance, we posted the video around midday, a time when people are heading out to lunch and catching up on their social media fix. The groups we posted to are all relaxing, engaging groups that will attract a lot of lunch time visits.

Question: When are your target market likely to be online and engaging on social media? Post your content accordingly at these times!

Step Four: Monitor the results and engage in conversation

It is time now to see how your video engages with the communities you post to. The notifications here start dropping in within minutes of the post going live. We see when people comment and when someone likes the video or our page.

Please do not let these comments and engagements go un-noticed. It is vital that you jump over to the comments and reply to keep the conversation going!

The initial results you can see were very impressive. Within one hour of the post going live, the video had been seen 1000 times!


Social posting is a vital part of your business plan and strategy but you have to have a goal in mind befire you start blindly posting across platforms for the sake of broadcasting something that will just go unheard or unseen. The tools are all there for you to use and this example shows the potential for very quick, very large and very affordable reach and engagement with a relevant audience who may not be in a buying position for your product today, but will, when the time is right, remember your brand and your product!

For more about how to market your business properly and efficiently, keep an eye on the marketing blog, catch one of our live events and be sure to join the Sheffield Marketing business community on Facebook too!

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