Networking Events in Sheffield. The Power Hour Network.

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Networking Events in Sheffield. The Power Hour Network.

Networking events in Sheffield.

Build your business and your community by attending vibrant networking events in Sheffield. One of the best ways to build a business!

What is the Power Hour Network?

The Power Hour was born from a desire to offer real life expert advice to the small business community of Sheffield to help grow business, build community and showcase the power of effective marketing for business of all shapes and sizes! Networking events in Sheffield are everywhere, so we wanted to do something a bit different!

The event launched at the Sheffield Google Digital Garage when I was invited to deliver the pilot programme across and 8 week series. The event booked up completely time after time and the eye-opening ‘light bulb’ moments were so rewarding to see on the faces of the attendees!

I have a passion for marketing in Sheffield. Marketing is what every business needs to grow a business and to bring the format to a networking event that provides a sense of community is incredibly rewarding.

Every month, we invite sector experts to share instant wins for your business. Previous guests have spoken about topics including LinkedIn Marketing, Facebook Groups, Time Management, Content Marketing, Social Strategy and more.

How can effective marketing help your business? Join our next networking event to find out!

Improve your networking and your business!

I was tired of going to networking events that just didn’t have a purpose aside from the handing over of business cards. I left the rooms feeling diappointed, like I hadn’t improved myself or my business. I set out to change that!

The Power Hour Network aims to provide a friendly and engaging networking space in an environment where business can happen and marketing learning takes place.

We’d love to see you there at the next event! Contact us today to find out more

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Keep up to date with the community, network your business online and learn the latest marketing insights with an active group on Facebook! See you there!

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