Using your personal social media profile for better marketing.

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Using your personal social media profile for better marketing.

Can you build meaningful, personal relationships in a digital world? I have done and I think you can too.

In the real world, business owners often work with people they have an existing relationship with. It’s a very well used term that people work with those they know, like and trust.

Be build know, like and trust to help build meaningful and relevant relationships with the goal of helping our business grow, for building referral partners and supply chain alliances and to become more known in your local operational area.

Why the hesitance?

Going networking, speaking at events, showing up at Chamber of Commerce events and getting to know your high street neighbours is all well and good. It makes perfect sense and I would definitely encourage the getting to know people within your target sectors. But what I wonder is why, in such a digitally influenced, enabled and connected world, why are we so hesitant as business owners to utilise those platforms which are available to us all, to fully realise the potential we have? I talk most specifically about the opportunity that lies within Facebook to build a personal profile so strong that it can’t help but become an asset to driving meaningful and relevant relationships for your business, in a similar fashion to those you build in the ‘real world’.

Why is it so important?

Instant messaging, relationship building on the go.

personal profile online
Your personal social media profiles can be a huge business asset.

Did you know, according to Facebook, there are a whopping 20 billion messages sent via Facebook messenger every month. That eye-watering figure is just one of many incredible stats that show how vast the messenger platform is for modern day communication.

The messenger app (which is predominantly used from your personal account), is the second most popular iOS app behind the main Facebook app itself! If you aren’t using the platform for work and letting it help your relationship building for professional purposes, you are really missing out!

If you thought that number was huge, according the CNET, the Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is sending 65 billion messages per day!! No wonder people are always staring at the palm of their hand all day!

Why are people hesitant to make use of their FB personal profile?

The goal of personal branding and personal networks, including your online presence, is to build know like and trust, to build meaningful and relevant relationships with those key to your business – whether that be for commercial purposes or more strategic partnerships.

As a business owner, you need to leverage the opportunities available to you, often for no financial investment, to build rapport within your industry, to become the go-to person for your services within your marketplace. As my friend, The Sales Mindset Coach so clearly outlines, you should aim to become the leading voice within your sector.

Becoming a leading voice in your sector is vital according to The Sales Mindset Coach.

With this said, I don’t understand why people are hesitant to you’re their Facebook personal profiles more, as they would use their LinkedIn profile, connecting to strangers at the click of an eye!

Online / Offline / Offline / Online

The goal of your online activity is to support the offline actions. The role of your offline actions is to support your online activity. Modern marketing needs to appreciate the seamless journey between the two and how each has a supporting role for the other. Remember, nothing in isolation!

As an example of this in action, when I attend networking events, my goal is never to sell. I enjoy meeting new people, and genuinely have an interest in what business it is they are in and why. I love to hear other people’s stories and journey is to business, never is there an identical story!

If I connect on a level with that person through good conversation and mutual interest, why would I not want to further connect with that person on a platform where we both hang out? Afterall, I want to keep up to date with this persons business and their journey. If we simply part ways and never see each other again, I am not likely to ever purchase from this person, nor they from me, never mind actually getting to know more about them.

My personal profile on Facebook. Supporting my business activity with a solid personal profile.

So how do I use my own Facebook personal profile for business? Well, go take a look, you can find it HERE.

personal branding online

Key things to consider when building your personal profile on social media.

I have noted some key actions to take when building a better personal profile for your business on Facebook.

  1. Decide what you want to be known for
  2. Brand consistency
  3. Make it obvious who you are and who you work for
  4. Customer and prospect journey – where do you want them to go next – can the person easily visit your brand assets?
  5. Show your human side!
  6. Share your articles and posts on to your personal profile
  7. Build up a professional friendship list on Facebook.
  8. Is it easy to contact you?
  9. Use your highlight pictures to share a mix of professional and personal highlights

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