Power Hour+! New series of Essential Expert Marketing for your business!

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Power Hour+! New series of Essential Expert Marketing for your business!

Power Hour+ LAUNCH EVENT! Expert guests, marketing wins and real life marketing for your business!

Leading the way for Sheffield networking events in 2017!

Collaborate, learn & grow your business with the Power Hour!

More information and tickets available here

‘Making Marketing a ‘none dirty’ word’

‘…a passion to help small businesses & for me I felt very welcomed.

‘The workshops were great, very informative.’

‘…a wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject of marketing a business’

The Power Hour+ sessions are intensive, action heavy marketing workshops with effective networking for Sheffield City Region businesses!

The best bits of Power Hour are here and have expanded to be a session of 2 hours of awesome, effective marketing for your business! Bringing together industry leaders from across digital, social, traditional and business marketing, you are guaranteed to take away HUGE value and IMMEDIATE wins for your business.


Matthew Woodhall – MeshViz

The top 10 things you can do to your website TODAYNot sure where to start with effective changes to your website? not sure why you even need a website? Matt will give away his top 10 quick wins for brilliant websites!

Rik Courtney – Be More Social

The Facebook 101 – what you need to focus on with Facebook. Rik is an expert in the social media world. An authority and speaker across the industry, he is sharing with you the best kept secrets for effective Facebook management!

Rob Pearce – Marketing Ladder

What really drives your marketing? Rob will share his unique take on effective marketing with one of his many drivers! Engaging, real and effective marketing tips!

Why Power Hour? A networking and learning event dedicated to marketing your business!

Need to understand the digital opportunities for your business? YES

Need to know more about strategy? YES!

Need to know what you can do with lists? YES!

Need to know effective ways you can build lists? YES!

Grow your business without aiming for more, more, more? YES!

Choosing your audience – no more expensive broad brush stroke advertising? YES!

Save money and time by effectively marketing? YES!

Remember, Marketing is business and we will work together to show you immediate, impactful tips that other consultants would charge you thousands for!


Grab £5 PER TICKET by bringing business friends who can benefit from expert marketing in their business and grow their network. Spread the love – collaborate! FOLLOW THE LINK AND REGISTER NOW!

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Need more info? Contact me today and see how the Power Hour will help you!