Sales and marketing webinar from Plan. Grow. Do. [FREE Webinar link inside]

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Sales and marketing webinar from Plan. Grow. Do. [FREE Webinar link inside]

Plan. Grow. Do. is a modern sales training approach that combines the best work from the 0114 Marketing ideas plus the experience and process of The Sales Mindset Coach. As part of our joint commitment to supporting entrepreneurs, growing business and established enterprise, we are sharing a series of free to attend webinars that share elements of the Plan. Grow. Do. methodology.

How to effectively talk to your customer before they are ready to buy is a vital session catered for those who need to understand what to do when the market has disappeared, or how to catch yourself and the actions to take if your instinct is often to rush the sale.

The session will focus on the key parts of the modern customer journey and ensure you have the framework necessary to support a modern and effective sales approach to your business.

How to effectively talk to your customers BEFORE they are ready to buy – Webinar link

The link you need is below. This is a free to attend event but spaces are limited to 25 attendees so please do register on the link here.

The Modern Selling Assessment

Further support is here for you in the form of our modern selling assessment. This 60 seconds questionnaire returns a bespoke report based on your input and your actions. This simple to use guide will return you immediately actionable things to do that will most likely lead to better performance in sales, marketing, and business.

Start your modern selling assessment now! It’s 100% free, quick and easy.

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