The search engine bonuses of content marketing

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The search engine bonuses of content marketing

Does Content Marketing Boost Your Search Engine Ranking?

A real benefit of developing and sustaining a content marketing strategy within your business is that you will make huge gains in the race for page 1 of search engine results pages.
Whilst there are hundreds of search engine optimization tactics you can, and should, implement across your website, nothing quite adds huge value to Google and the other search engines like an active, engaging blog, which can be populated in part by the delivery of excellent customer service.

Why does customer service lead to search engine boosts?

By adding value to your customer experience and customer journey, whether it be customer service articles, value adding messages and posts that talk about your product, or top tips how to look after the product you have just sold to your customer, you are also doubling up the power of this article by creating reach and engagement to your product. You will create more avenues and landing pages as each page you create is indexed by Google and will be scored and factored each time a potential new lead queries the search engine for what you are talking about in your content.

Invest in customer service, not SEO agencies for added search value

Paid for SEO can be an expensive and fruitless task. In my opinion, you do not need to spend thousands on paying an agency to create the content for you focusing on one specific keyword. Simply add value to your customer journey, the process employed by your business to delight and amaze your customers. Think about it, if you can wow your current customers by enhancing their experience with you by sharing all this information with them in a structured way, imagine how impressed potential customers will be when they stumble on your site by searching for long tail keywords that direct them to your posts.

So by improving your customer service for your current client base you are also, through implementation of content marketing, enhancing your reach and organic presence on search engine, social media and networking sites.

This is just one of the 8 Huge Benefits of Delivering Excellent Customer Service Online
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