Power Hour January Event- How I achieved 80% open rate and business growth through email

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Power Hour January Event- How I achieved 80% open rate and business growth through email

Power Hour Sheffield Marketing Event (January) – All about email marketing

Find Out How I achieved 80% open rate and business growth through effective email marketing

Power Hour is back in January with a brilliant session aimed at helping you improve sales, loyalty and efficiency through effective email marketing.

You may have seen that the Facebook algorithm is changing, and this will most likely affect all businesses, but especially those with small marketing budgets who have relied heavily on the benefit of free traffic to build their business. The good news is, there are ways you can improve your business, regardless of what Facebook choose to do (it is, after all, their platform to do with what they want!)

Effective Email Marketing Plan

One of the ways you can complement your marketing and become more efficient and indeed increase your sales and customer loyalty is by having a solid email marketing plan for your business. Yes, email marketing is having it’s challenges but it is only because so many business owners see the opportunity to reach people en-masse for little cost that people’s inboxes have become full of clutter, strangling the open rate and having a perception that the medium just doesn’t cut it anymore

I am going to show you how I achieve a whopping 80% open rate on my email campaigns and share with you modern ways of planning, creating and guiding a prospect through an effective sales channel.

In this powerful session you will learn:

> Lead generation for your target market

> Landing page structure

> Email storytelling

> Increasing your open rate with the 3 step process

> Powerful networking and collaboration in the room!

LIMITED TICKETS: http://bit.ly/MPHEmail

This is a popular event so be sure to get on board quick!

Check out the event page on Facebook and join the group of 300+ business owners sharing, learning and growing their businesses.

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