The Beatles didn’t invent teenagers.

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The Beatles didn’t invent teenagers.

How can The Beatles legacy in music inspire you and your business?

The Beatles didn’t create moody teenagers. They didn’t create swathes sexually frustrated young adults whos only musical outlet was the homegrown whimsy of Cliff Richard, the clarinet musings of Acker Bilk who topped the charts in 1961 with Strangers On The Shore, and the sometimes painful Frank Ifield’s I Remember You.

The Beatles didn’t invent teenagers – Seth Godin

There was something more exciting coming from across the pond. Elvis Presley was revolutionising adolescence and what it meant to be a teenager with his new form of rock n roll. But it didn’t appear in the UK.

The frustrated population yearned for more. They were waiting for it to arrive, but nobody picked up the mantle or responsibility and ran with it. For years, this population was waiting to be led. Led where? They didn’t know. Led by whom? They had no clue.

But when 4 boys from Liverpool appeared on the scene with their first single, Love Me Do, which stayed just on the right side of prim and proper but hinted at just enough of something else to appeal to the generation who needed them, things would never be the same.

The masses had found their leaders. The Beatles would lead this generation, the next generation and future generations beyond. They would lead the youth generation and be a voice for their expression.

Beatlemania and the decision to lead.

The fact is, modern marketing, and modern business, enables us – in fact encourages us – to stand by what we believe. We do not need or require mass marketing in terms of budgets, spending and advertising. We can unite a chosen group of people around a common goal, and lead them in our mission.

  1. Who do you want to help?
  2. What do you specialise in?
  3. How can 1 and 2 create something brilliant for the group you choose and you, the business owner?

Modern marketing encourages and enables us to lead from the front, serving a group of people with a common goal

When we take the decision to lead we take the decision to become more than an outlet for our services. We are driven by a passion and a cause that magnetises the best and right kind of people to us. By aligning a mission and purpose we can build a community around this and lead from the front without having to pay a fortune to get our message seen in front of thousands of people who have no desire to align with us in the first place.

The need for your product or service is there. You may just not have found the pool of people craving it yet – but they are there, waiting for you!

Finding your mission and becoming the leader in your field.

Some obscure missions!

To prove the point that practically any subject matter can have a powerful and influential community associated with it and be led by one person, check out some of these groups I found on Facebook.

In the examples here I found specialist groups around photography, gardening and even sourdough bread! Not just small communities, but thousands of people in each of these groups. The potential for building a business from these groups is astonishing.

You have to believe in something. There is a market made just for you.

Like The Beatles did in ’63, they found a (incredibly large!) market of people who desired their solution. They were to become the voice of several generations beyond the sixties and are well and truly one of the most inspiring bands in the history of pop music.

What do you believe in? What is it that inspires you to strive to push your business forward? What is your burning desire to share and lead with others just like you?

You have to be good!

The Beatles remain one of the best pop groups of all time. Their dedication to becoming good, no, excellent, at their craft no doubt helped them lead the way. You don’t want to lead the right crowd down the wrong path, do you!

In his fantastic book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell explains to become an expert at something you must dedicate 10,000 hours of practice to the art. 10,000 hours! Imagine what a focussed 10,000 hours does for your confidence, your skill at your craft, but also how far ahead of your competitors it positions you.

There is a Beatlesmania waiting just for you, but you must understand your purpose in business and get in the mindset of being the leader for that mission. Your Beatlesmania may not be as huge in number, but even leading a smaller number of people around a common purpose can lead to fantastic results for not only you but your audience too.

So what do you need to do?

To summarise my point here, I have broken this down into 3 succinct points for you to apply to your business and marketing positioning.

  • Identify it
  • Believe in it and its ability to change the world of the intended audience
  • Be good at it!

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