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From necessity, comes possibility


Make sure you have read part one

And Part Two before you read here!


Once our customer trusts us, knows us and our story, and what we have to sell to them is deemed necessary to cure their hunger, the issue of getting them over the line is nearly done. Now we need to speak to them on a level of making it possible.


Have you ever heard the phrase ‘this sounds great but I just don’t have the time’? well, if you have done things right so far and your market understand the product and see how it is necessary for them to implement on their business or add to their lives, this bit becomes easier.


For what is necessary, is also possible . In our personal lives, every day we make things possible which are necessary for us to implement.  See the table below.

Understand / Need Necessary? Is the necessity made possible?
Freedom to travel – You want to drive a car You need to get a service every year Yes
Better communication – you want to make calls whilst out of the house You need a phone contract Yes
You feel ill and want to get better You need to see a doctor despite been busy at work Yes
Family meals, eating and drinking Weekly shop Yes
Education for your kids School runs Yes
More B2B business leads Networking events Yes



A Challenge!

As you go through your day I want you to look at every decision you make. What make you trigger that action and why did you make it possible? What pain point is your action currently addressing?


Once your business becomes as necessary to your niche market as driving a car is to you, that market will do anything necessary to make it…..possible!


What barriers do your target market have before committing to your offer? The barriers need to be smaller than the benefits you have outlined in understanding and necessity.


My public speaking journey

As I embarked on my journey in to self employment and business ownership and began absorbing and learning from global leaders in their field, I began to note down where I needed to improve. One of the rooms for improvement was my ability to deliver my message in an inspiring way to a room of people. In one to one settings I was very comfortable and relaxed, but getting in front of a room full of people I would simply avoid the situation. I would make excuses.

‘this just isn’t me’

‘I can’t do it’

‘I can’t afford it’

‘I don’t have the time’

‘I feel ill’

‘I’m busy with other things’


I would find literally any reason to think why not to stand up and talk to a room of people or in a public space like radio or television.


But as my personal growth matured and I began identifying my ‘why’ and my business roles and goals, I started to understand what I needed to do.


I understood that to be an authority in my field I needed to be able to speak to a room full of people to share my message.


It was necessary that I overcome my apprehension and fear of this development because I was hungry for success and development. My why inspires me every day and suddenly this very powerful combination of understanding and necessity teamed up to topple all of my barriers, making the next step possible!


My barriers didn’t matter any more because the driving force behind it was greater than the reasons to not do this part of my development.

The financial investment was suddenly ok, it was available and my time was free as now I had made the decision that this is what I needed to do to get to the next step on my journey.


Do you see how powerful this process is?


How can you position your product and service in a way that the barriers to purchasing from you become so small and diminished people are delighted to work with you because you are helping them get fro where they are to where they want to be?




Topic Question Answer Action


Seek first to understand

Does your potential lead understand the offering in their own context?  




Start telling your brand and personal story in public forums and social groups.


Who are the industry influencers in your niche? Get to know them, they will help you knock on the right doors




Understanding leads to neccessity

Does the potential client understand the necessity of the product or service for their life or business?


If no, there may be a know, like and trust issue, step back and get to know the market better (back to point 1).


Are you in the right market? Are the market asking the questions and seeing there is no reason for your service in their current situation?


What other micro niche could you help cure a hunger for?

When something is necessary, it becomes….possible  






Are you target market ready to buy from you?

If no, hop back up to topic two and make them understand how necessary your service is to them


Social proof. Use comments and reviews from others in relative fields of work to position yourself as the #1 brand to ease their pain.


People will buy from where they see others buying from also. This will be very powerful


Continue creating events, groups, conversations (from point 1) that position you as the authority in your field




Put this in possible – social proof

People don’t buy from what they want, they buy what others buy


From possibility comes OPPORTUNITY!

From opportunity comes GROWTH!


Remember my ‘learn, apply, implement’ from earlier?


These points apply to your business as they do to your customer base. If you understand your needs and see what is necessary and make this a possibility, you will see doors of opportunity open for you and your customers.


Where will the next opportunity arise for you?



We need to look at ourselves before we can look to help others

Are you ready for your own business to flourish?


Do you really understand your niche?

Are you missing out on potential necessary markets?

Why is your business necessary to your own personal success?

If it’s necessary, it is possible.


Essential Reading

Contagious – Jonah Berger

OverSubscribed – Daniel Priestly

Hacking Growth  – Morgan Brown & Sean Ellis

Ultimate Sales Machine – Chet Holmes

Expert Secrets – Russel Brunson – Get your FREE copy!


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I have listed here the summary of points raised from the understand, necessity, possibility article. Copy this and keep it somewhere you can relate. Ask yourself daily about each of the points and apply is TODAY to your business.


Take your product or service and work through these topics.


Opportunity will arise, growth will follow.