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From understanding comes necessity (inspired by speaking guru, Les Brown)


In part one I spoke about the value of having your market and customer base understand what you do, and indeed the importance of you understanding their needs and how you can help them in an authentic way.

Once we have this understanding, we can move forwards with the relationship and change our messaging to one of necessity, for when something becomes necessary, for you, your business and your customers’ needs, things become so much easier!


A business I worked with needed growth. It is a successful business in terms of turnover but needed a better sense of direction to really grow. I set out to identify various market sizes in order to develop a clear strategy for business development. We came to understand our markets very well and understand that one segment in particular had a hugely under served niche. From our market research we identified new potential for growth – a niche which was necessary for the business to pursue.


As I mentioned, in an ever increasing global world, we are able to create our own micro niches, markets which we can dominate. Once our micro niche understand what we have to offer to ease their burden, improve their life of business, and we have built a strong relationship with this market who know like and trust us, we change up our messaging to become a message of necessity.


How do we do this?

As I mentioned in section one, we must be congruent with our target market. Speak the same language as them, understand their pain for them to understand our offering.


If you are a dentist you must first make your potential client understand that when they have toothache it is you they must see. Not only that but regular visits to your dentistry can actually reduce the need more emergency dentist visits in the first place. Positioning your product or service as a necessity will encourage conversation and plant a seed in your customer mind.


Why is your product or service necessary to your customer base?


As we sought to understand the market and have our market understand us, we are in the first stages of a beautiful relationship! As we understand our niche and know where they operate and know their pain points, we can now adjust our marketing messaging to one of how the service or product you offer can address the identified pain point.


For example, if your business is in the space for business efficiency and systems management, many people will not know they need that service until it is either too late and they are desperate or it may be too late to help as the business resource will be focused elsewhere.


From the success made in point one we will now understand just what the pain point of our target market it. Time may be one option. The business owner may be tied up between spinning countless plates and the outside eyes may be able to come in and apply systems and practices that will drastically save time, money and stress for the business owner.


Is this something the business efficiency management company could lead on with its messaging?


What message could you put out that shows just how you, and you alone, are the person to help your customer?


If you are hungry….you eat

If you are hungry, what do you do? Go to the fridge and prepare something to eat, right? Well, I hope so!


What are you customers hungry for? When they look in that fridge why would they pick you up to cure the hunger pangs they are feeling?


Ask this when you next think about your marketing and promotion for your product or service. If your market are hungry and you have made a beautifully enticing meal for them that will cure their aching then you will have won half the battle.


My target market don’t know that what I offer is necessary to their lives or business – what should I do?!

As you are most likely becoming friends with your audience you should be able to converse with them quite successfully be it online through forums, blogs, social media groups and so on or offline and events, seminars, social settings you should be able to follow as an example this series of questions to identify why your product would be necessary for them to include in their life or business.


Speak in the context of your target market. Remember… after all, your product or service is their to help them be better!


  • What does my target market (the micro niche) do?
  • Why do they do it – (what is your why?)
  • Is their business or lifestyle in a healthy position?
  • Where could business be better – what are the hungry for (time, money, helping hands, less stress, entertainment, financial freedom….)
  • How can your business help cure their ‘hunger’?
  • There is a cost, can they return this cost in time saving or cash return?
  • How much time is this going to take me?


Does this all sound achievable to you and your business?

Can you imagine yourself chatting to your niche in this manner?


Can you make your market or niche understand why your product or service is necessary to improve their business or lifestyle? If so, the pieces will start to come together and you can now start selling your product or service in ways that really ease the pain and satisfy the hunger you have created.


Why marketing is vital to spread your message

I work in marketing. I get asked several times a week ‘what is marketing?’. Or I get people assuming that all I do is buy ad space and ‘sell’. I am a firm believer that marketing is a mindset. It should apply to all aspects of business.


What many people don’t realise when going about their day to day business, they are marketing themselves and their business without seeing it. The independent tradesman walks through the customers door and offers a good morning smile. He has arrived in his freshly cleaned van with his ironed t-shirt embroidered with the business logo. There is ‘marketing’ littered throughout this scenario: The smile, the clean van, the presentation and the logo.


Businesses need to see and appreciate the vast opportunity that marketing provides. The mindset shift is evident on businesses who adopt the marketing mind. Marketing is not sales. Marketing is your entire product or service. Every industry is in the marketing business, whether you realise it or not! How you deliver it and evolve it is up to you as the owner.


What I do is help business see the potential, the opportunity for growth or leveraging existing customer bases to maximise the potential to satisfy the business owners’ individual needs; whether that be growth, consolidating a position to create a nice family lifestyle, re positioning, customer service and so on.


Where does marketing currently fit in to your business?

Where could marketing help improve your systems, processes and brand?



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