[Video] How To Get More Business From LinkedIn

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[Video] How To Get More Business From LinkedIn

How do you get more business from LinkedIn?

Three proven ways to get business from LinkedIn as presented by social media authority Sam Rathling.

Would you like to get more business from LinkedIn? The Power Hour Marketing event in Sheffield is a workshop based event where I invite industry leaders and influencers to share marketing insights that every business owner can quickly implement in their business to grow their brand, get more leads and win more sales.

At this marketing event in Sheffield, LinkedIn authority Sam Rathling shared with the room three powerful ways to get more business from the social media giant.

How big is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has over 500 million users. Owned by Microsoft, you can be certain that your audience, target market or customer are using LinkedIn. It’s how you use it that counts, and in this Power Hour, we showed you three ways to find your audience, improve your profile and grow your business by effectively using the platform.

WATCH: Sam Rathling shows the business owners of Sheffield how to utilise LinkedIn for business growth.

How influential are you on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index is a great way to monitor your activity and growth across the platform. Once you implement the tips identified by Sam at the Power Hour, you can easily see progression on the platform. Here is a snapshot of my profile taken the day after the marketing session.

Marketing in Sheffield: The Power Hour Network

I am on a mission to empower, educate and inform business owners in Sheffield about the massive opportunity that is available to them when a basic knowledge and appreciation of marketing is taken on board. The Power Hour is a monthly marketing workshop and powerful networking opportunity in a relaxed vibrant atmosphere that allows for effective learning and networking.

See what some of our attendees had to say about the marketing event in Sheffield,

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