What Is Marketing?

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What Is Marketing?

What is marketing?

I’m currently enjoying the book by Ryan Holiday, Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work That Lasts. It’s a brilliant listen that addresses many points most business owners struggle with. He skillfully manages to focus the listeners’ focus on to the long game, and thoughtful implementation of clever ‘marketing’. He also addresses the question I get asked so many times by business owners and CEO’s alike; what is marketing?

There are countless definitions but Ryan puts it quite simply;

Marketing is the process of getting and retaining customers

 Sounds simple, right?

It also backs up the definition that I try and instil in all businesses that I work with. You need to focus your mind that you are in the marketing business. No matter what you sell as an end product, what you are all doing as businesses owners and directors are marketing a product or service to satisfy the identified need or demand through the means that is your product.

My definition of marketing for business owners:

 Marketing in my business is a cross-business process which solves a problem for a chosen group of people in an effective and efficient manner and adds value to their lives.

It is the responsibility of my entire business

The Marketing Mindset

Once you step away from the mindset of selling a product and instead view the marketplace as an audience of people with a similar problem with which you offer a solution with your product, your entire business will change.

Marketing is not a department

So many businesses and clients I have worked with in the past cannot get past the perception that marketing is putting adverts in papers and posting flyers through doors. I cannot stress this enough, marketing is not advertising! But rather advertising is part of your marketing.

To view marketing as a principal or culture across your entire business is to appreciate just how important each process is in the business. Referring back to Ryan Holiday’s objective of getting or retaining customers, see how each department of a business can focus on these goals…

Department / Focus

To Get or Retain customers? Role
Sales Get Marketing
Customer Service Get / Retain Marketing
Finance Retain Marketing
Operations Get / Retain Marketing
Marketing Get / Retain Marketing
Website Get / Retain Marketing

Marketing is business

Do you see? Every single department in every single business, despite its perceived function, has a clear goal of either bringing in new customers or retaining and engaging the customers you have.

By Ryan Holiday’s definition, and my own definition to support this, it becomes clear, and a very powerful revelation that marketing is your business. 

To not market your business is to not do business.

And that is what I think marketing is!


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