Why is my website not ranking on Google?

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Why is my website not ranking on Google?

After the recent overhaul and launch of the new Big Boiler Shop website (www.bigboilershop.co.uk), I was delighted with the early results from local keyword searches. We were ranking in the top 3 for our top 4 keyword searches without spending money on Adwords or driving traffic to the website – our campaign for successful search engine optimization is starting to bear fruit.

Is your website ranking on Google as you would like?


If not, do you know why that could be?

Google is without doubt the global authority and influencer on web traffic. If you haven’t got a website that ticks off the Google boxes for successful SEO then you are really missing a trick in the search of unlimited free traffic to your website.


What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the terminology used that means to make your website search engine friendly. Google, and the other search engines pride themselves on relevant results for customer searches.


Think about the last few searches you made and the last few websites you landed on from seeing those results? Were the websites relevant to your query? Were the pages clear, easy to read with interactive content, easy to read on mobile devices and desktop alike?


If they were, the owners of those pages have SEO’d their pages nicely. If you ever land on a page that is full of pop up ads, misleading links, messy imagery and videos that don’t load, you will have a bad experience and most likely feel mis led.


This is what  the search industry want to avoid. They want to give you, the user, the best online experience from the (literal) millions of options they could show you.


So when it comes to making your website search engine friendly, are you ready?


On site SEO – the quick cheat sheet

  • Mobile responsive (does your website configure itself for various devices – desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Does your website have an (active) blog – blogging strategy takes time but is imperative for you to understand! Do you have a contact number visible on your header bar?
  • Are you images named with appropriate keywords? (do this yourself or ask your web designer)
  • Are your page url’s relevant to your target market?
  • Speed up your website by using web friendly images and not stuffing the page with huge imagery and files. Large files will slow down your website and offer a less than happy journey for your customer
  • Do you have clearly defined H1 and H2 tags on your content?
  • Ask your web designer to install a plug in like Yoast to your website – it is a brilliant SEO checking tool that works live as you update content on your page.
  • Social media widgets that link up to your Facebook pages and Twitter profiles
  • Keyword rich content. Is your page copy likely to pique the interest of Google’s search if your target audience type in their query? Remember, Google wants to give relevance and value. Are you writing good content?
  • Contact form. Can people easily find out how to contact you?







Off site SEO – how to win at SEO

So Google (and the other search engines!) like to reward your site with quality. If you work on the on site check list you will begin to notice more traffic coming your way


So what is off site SEO and why do we need it?

Well, we have the awesome website offering tonnes of value to our potential visitors, but now we need to look at how we can get our site listed on authority sites in our field.


DO NOT bulk buy backlinks from dubious companies offering thousands of links for $100. Google WILL NOT like this. They could event punish your site by taking this obvious route to successful SEO.


Your site needs to become a genuine authority, and to do that you need to be listed on authority sites offering high quality content.


I want you to think about your industry and write down the top 10 supply chain businesses and strategic partners you currently work with. For example, with Big Boiler Shop, we spoke with all the boiler manufacturers for whom the guys are accredited. We wanted to have links on their sites to link back to ours to be sure we were leveraging the opportunity of being accredited.


It is a slow process but it is a long term relationship building strategy that you need to have patience with.


Think about the blog posts and web posts you post on social media. They are all linking back to your site. Do people share this link? Are people clicking on your links? This is a quick win to start with. Try and get the traffic away from Facebook and on to your website.


Guest blogging

Who are the key influencers in your field?

  • local press
  • local trade magazines
  • community magazines
  • radio presenters
  • trade press
  • community projects online
  • business hubs
  • business partners
  • accountability groups


Within these fields you will most likely find over 50 potential influencers in your field, many of whom would be delighted to collaborate, and do some guest blogging across each others pages.

What value can you offer to these websites? How can you improve their customer experience while getting your website noticed too?


But wait, you don’t want to write 50+ emails to these people?

Luckily, I have written many emails like this to potential guest blogging sites. Email me for your copy! (rob@robtaylorofficial.com)



If your website isn’t ranking on Google then you must find a solution to the problem. Search marketing is one of the most effective tools in todays digital world. I hear many times ‘I don’t have time’ or frustrations arise from the lack of immediate results. You and your business are here for the long term, just start. Set yourself a realistic content creation goal….and stick to it!


You are the best at what you do in your field.

Why not tell the world about it?


If you struggle for inspiration or the writing skills needed then we can help. Contact us, we will help you like we help Big Boiler Shop and many others. They are ranking top 3 now….you can too.