Dads In Business @ Amazon HQ – What our feedback says

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Dads In Business @ Amazon HQ – What our feedback says

In October this year, we were delighted to be invited down to Amazon HQ in London to deliver a Dads In Business wellbeing session for senior execs and from across the globe. It followed successful sessions locally in Sheffield and wider conversations with regional and national business leaders and business bodies who recognise the gap in support for men at work, and also Dads.

Myself and Angga Kara of Men Up North discovered some Dads specific workplace stats and explored the Dad Gap in the workplace. The results were startling and deserved wider exploration.

Our local Dads In Business events held in Sheffield continue to flag up similar issues and concerns around workplace support, work-life balance and time management. This important issue is changing lives for the better and as we further explore the topic, more and more feedback is supporting our research.

What do the wider stats say?

It’s fascinating to see the disparity in perception and reality when it comes to supporting Dads in the workplace and Dads In Business. 78% of Dads say there is less support to fathers than for mothers, with 57% of Dads saying they felt emotionally unsupported when they first became a father.

dads in business

So it was an important step forward for the project when we were invited down to Amazon HQ in London to deliver a live session that was also streamed live across the globe to execs across the US and Europe. We wanted to share our experiences from the sessions we had run locally to offer an insight into what we think the Dads In Business project should deliver. We wanted the attendees, both live and digitally, to engage the exercises and topics discussed. We did this through various exercises, that were completed live and had immediate impact and effect on the group.

What did Dads say about the training?

But what was the qualitative and quantitative feedback saying about the actual delivery? We were aware of wider Dad topics from our own research so we were keen to garner feedback from our own structured delivery of training.

Dads in business wellbeing for dads at work

We were pleased that every one of our attendees found it to be a useful time spent with us – and for this to be coming from people in positions of authority, who have tremendous pressures on their time, we found very striking. The request for more events like this and demand for more mental health wellbeing and support was the kind of feedback we were hoping for.

What do business leaders say about facilitating Dads In Business sessions?

Dads In Business – A chat with Amazon HQ.
Rob Taylor of 0114 Marketing, Angga Kara of Men Up North and Brian Ballantyne of Amazon
(L-R) Brian Ballantyne, Angga Kara, Rob Taylor at Amazon HQ in London

Helping Amazon Dads in London, NYC, Seattle and Austin!

The pressures on time, home life and work-life balance are evident in the feedback but also match up to our wider research. This cannot be an isolated issue and Dads In Business are on a mission to help 10,000 Dads in the workplace be more present at home and at work, but also appreciate and find time for themselves.

The global reach of this session was a fantastic testament to the project which is in its infancy, and with support from one of the largest companies in the world, we aim to be helping other Dads in the workplace again very soon and across 2020!

What is Dads In Business and how can you book a session?

Dads In Business is a supportive network to help busy dads manage themselves, their family and their business. Better.

Please do contact us or drop an email to to chat about this more.

Our position is not unique, yet it is often not spoken about: A Dad, with a position of responsibility to others, struggling to juggle the many roles and many things I am responsible for – especially dealing with increased demand, business struggles and time and money management. Dads In Business has broken the down the many elements to 4 keys areas; business, family, personal life and money.

As a dad with a business, I felt isolated. It was a bitter pill that was difficult to swallow.

I was heading out to all the networking events, all the one to ones, all the doing I could do…because that’s what it took to become great at business and be great at home – wasn’t it?!

But this was the catch 22. By doing what I was doing, working all the time, doing all the time, to support my family and my home life, I was, in fact, neglecting my home life and neglecting my responsibilities at home.

By being a Dad in business I assumed the role of bread winner and nothing else came in to focus.

I was saying yes to everything but what I didn’t realise was by saying yes to everything I was in fact saying no to the very thing I was aiming to support.

Dads In Business is a safe space wellbeing programme for busy Dads in the workplace.

We hope to see you at a DIBS session soon, either in our live spaces across Sheffield, or within a workplace setting.

Dads In Business – Discovery Pack.

Dads In Business – Discovery pack from Rob Taylor

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