Dads In Business

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Dads In Business

Dads In Business – A supportive network to help other Dads who run a business in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area. I’m delighted to have teamed up with Men Up North to bring you this new event for the city!

What is Dads In Business?

I set up this group as for a long time I have seen networks around that are aimed at all other groups and sectors, but I couldn’t help but feel us Dads were an often overlooked sector.

I am a Dad. I have a business. I find juggling the two sometimes incredibly difficult. And I figured I could not be the only one who felt this way. So I went about setting up my own group and event, aimed at others in this position.


If you have ever felt

  • stressed
  • overworked
  • alone
  • guilty
  • anxious
  • unable to stop

Then I want you to be able to come to a room of like minded people in a fully supportive environment. If anything, you’ll be helping me!

My business journey – how it all began

I’ve had my own business for just around 2 years now. In that time we have won awards, helped hundreds of business owners implement better marketing in their business, designed and delivered many training programmes, including partnering with a huge corporate client and built a community of almost 600 business owners each supporting their growth through a better marketing understanding.

But what you don’t see in the headlines and the exciting ‘sexy’ bits of the business is the behind the scenes stuff that goes in to this. Hours and hours of planning, work, and anti social time spent building better products and services, with a view to better my business, my life, and ultimately, my family’s life too.

Dads In Business is a supportive network I am launching to help others in the same position as me and those who have been there, done it, worn the r-shirt, and can impart some business and life learning!

Redundancy to self employment

Since I was young I always said to those around me ‘when I grow up I want to be my own boss…’. As I grew older and life happened I found myself working in the entertainment sectors, promoting many a gig and club event across the city and region. I worked my way up and found myself as business manager for a very well respected venue in the region.

Business there was going great guns, but the owners at the time were exploring other projects which began to kick off for them and the decision was made to sell up so they could focus on their projects.

I was on holiday with my then 2 year old boy and a pregnant wife when I got the ominous message about the plans for the business. It was a watershed moment for me and as I sat their not sure how to tell the Mrs what was happening I knew I had to make some decisions.

Early projects

I kept my hand in (and still do!) with club and live events across the city. I wanted to impart some of the ‘rock n roll’ into my business projects so it was important I kept that element going. I had an agreement with Sheffield Hallam University at the time to deliver their Freshers’ welcome event, which kept the wolf from the door for a while until I figured out my next moves!

My early days of self employment were definitely reactive projects; but when you are on your own with the family pressures, it’s surprising what great projects you can come up with!

Family Pressures

Everything I do, I do with the view of my family. Do I love what I do? Heck yes! Do I feel a lot of pressure in what I do? Undoubtedly. But I am very much of the perspective that to create something better for the longer term view, we must take our troubles potential problems and repackage them as opportunities.

The pressure at the time to support 2 kids and home life was incredibly over bearing. I am my own worst critic when it comes to business pressures, and at times I can not allow myself to stop, relax or look back on what I have done, instead just immediately look to the next project.

My pressure was not exerted from the family, but from myself.

I felt the decision to go self employed was quite a selfish decision. “I’m not 19 anymore”, “I have other responsibilities now”, “Why don’t you get a proper job” were some of the things I heard others say about me, but truth is, I also felt this way. I felt at the time it was quite a selfish move, one that would have me spending less time with the family when what I need to do was spend more time with them! What was I to do?!

Near burn out…

I would say “yes” to almost everything whether it fit with my long term business strategy or not. What I know now is saying “yes” to everything, to every little opportunity, not only distracts you from larger goals and from the reason you set up shop in the first place, but it also takes you further away from the family.

It’s ok to say no!

In the Autumn of 2018 a third addition to our family came in the form of baby Jarvis! 2018 was quite a blur as I had head down in business, in saying yes and dealing with the looming pressure of a third baby to the Taylor household. I just didn’t address it to anyone in my family or friendship circles: How on earth am I going to look after 3 kids and build a business?!


Taking control of business decisions.

By the end of 2018 I was adamant to give myself a break from work. I managed to get a fantastic break away from the ‘doing’ work but didn’t want to totally switch off. For a new business, momentum is key.

I had set up the Power Hour Network, promoted live shows in Sheffield, made awesome new strategic connections, built the community to an engaged level, designed, built and delivered several intensive business training days which all culminated in becoming an Award Winning Marketing Company from Sheffield!

But all this had to come at a cost. What had I missed? How many bed times did I miss? Changing nappies, tea times and school pick ups? The answer, as you may related to, is loads!

Come the end of 2018 I was near burn out. I was getting easily agitated, exhausted and stressed. Christmas definitely came at the right time!

2019 business plans…

2019 will be a year of more control. It is a year of nurturing more strategic relationships and committing more time to the family, even if that means a short term sacrifice to business.

It’s vital that I keep my reasons clear for my doing business in the first place and now I have proved to myself I can do it (run a business!), it is onwards and upwards with some really exciting new projects, whilst also seeing my one to one clients business evolve and grow too!

Dads In Business – Sheffield meet up

I encourage others to join me in March as we bring the Dads In Business meet up to life.

I have set up this space because it will help me be a better business person and also a better Dad and husband. I’d love your support, and maybe you will learn a thing or two aswell!

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